A Cool $15K of Passive Income



Here’s one of the best emails I’ve ever received.  And, if you’ve been thinking about “ONLINE COACHING” or How to Generate Passive Income for your business… then, this will be of interest to you.


This email is from one of our long-time ONBOARD 101 administrators. I added all the “bolds” for emphasis.


Hi Art,
First I want to thank you for sending out Part 4 of the 21-Day Seminar Blueprint.  The whole series is very helpful. But, I want to add to #4 because the post seminar activity is really different when speaking to an outside venue.


Here’s my story.


Last January I was invited to speak at a huge 2-day Real Estate Agents Convention in Las Vegas.  There were more than 600 attendees and while there were lots of small sessions, the mornings kicked-off in the auditorium where all 600 attendees gathered.


It was the second morning when I delivered my one-hour talk in the auditorium to all 600 about the advantages of a healthy, energized body and how it results in better sales.


I used your slides but modified them and changed the title to:  “JUMP-START YOUR BODY TO JUMP-START YOUR SALES.”


I was not paid for the presentation, but, was allowed to use the last 5-minutes to “soft-pitch” my products or services.  All speakers and contributors were allowed to do this and most had books, DVDs and other materials that they sold outside in the lobby and hallway areas.   I’ve done that in the past with recipe books and some of my own workout videos.  But this year, I decided to try something different.


I decided to pitch my ONBOARD 101 WEBSITE.


Art, you would have loved my pitch and I wish I had recorded it.  I asked everyone in the audience to hold their cell phones or iPads up in the air.  Then, I used your line:


“The sad truth is most of you know more about how these devices work than how your own bodies function!” 


Huge laughter and applause.  Then I briefly explained the features and benefits of my ONBOARD 101 WEBSITE as the complete health information resource.


I packaged it as a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP with a retail value of $299 that could be purchased for the next 24 hours for just $99 dollars.  A $200 dollar savings.  Then I proceeded to project my web address on the big screen in hopes that they would write it down and make the purchase at some point during the next 24 hours.


Honestly, Art, people were purchasing before I even left the stage. It was so funny because while all the other vendors were waiting outside to demo their materials, I beat them to the punch!  People were purchasing online with those same mobile devices that just minutes ago they were holding in the air!


In just one day, 157 LIFETIME MEMBERSHIPS were purchased.  And I sold another 9 memberships at full price $299 in the following weeks.  But, it gets even better.


Several of the people who purchased Memberships at that convention started to call and email me to ask if I would coach them either online or by phone.  I now have 12 online coaching clients who pay a monthly retainer for my services.


I just want you to know how much I appreciate what you do… what you’ve created and how much I’ve benefited from it all.  The ONBOARD 101 WEBSITE is one of the best investments I’ve ever made and they continue to be my focus for future growth.




I tallied up Jenny’s numbers… She sold 157 @ $99 for a total of $15,543  and another 9 @ $299 for a total of $2,691 for a grand total of $18,234 — and mind you, this is PASSIVE INCOME! 


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