Marketing vs. Sales

SalesMost people confuse the terms. 

Sales and Marketing are very different “animals.”

In most companies, Sales reports to Marketing.

Sales typically informs marketing whether or not the strategies are working.  And, if working… to what degree.

So, let’s define the terms “sales” and “marketing.”   This is especially important since fitness tends to be a “sales-driven” business.

  • Sales is one-on-one personal contact with specific people. It relies on one’s abilities to reflect an entire organization, project a positive impression and persuade people to see things his or her way.  It also demands dedicated follow-up and persistence.
  • Marketing, on the other hand, is a set of long-term goals with broad objectives to help meet those goals. It coordinates communications strategies and tactics to increase visibility and awareness. It also conveys consistent messages and images to specific audiences. Ultimately, marketing’s goal is to create a positive “pre-sell” environment.

In the fitness business the ratio is about 90% sales strategies and tactics and 10% marketing.  It is without a doubt, a sales-driven industry

But, at some point, the most successful fitness businesses increase their marketing strategies.  It’s essential to have a long-term strategy with an overriding message that defines who you are.

It starts with your BRAND!