Self-Empowerment: The Greatest Gift



YOU… as a Health and Fitness professional, by the very virtue of your profession have a “gift.”   And, when this gift is shared, you will miraculously attract an endless parade of new clients.


Here’s what I mean…..


JUST LAST WEEK:  I posted to 6 closed FaceBook Groups, listened-in on 2 webinars and even physically attended a small private mastermind group in Los Angeles.


These were all small club owners, boutique studios, specialized training facilities, mobile fitness business owners, high-end wellness and lifestyle coaches and a few 100% online businesses.


The #1 QUESTION they all keep talking about… asking about… stressing about is:



If you REALLY… and I mean REALLY want to ATTRACT NEW CLIENTS… then put on your “big boy” or “big girl” pants and get yourself out there in front of people… lots of people… making eyeball-to-eyeball contactDelivering your message.   Answering questions.   Building TRUST. 


Do it with poise and confidence. Then, do it over and over and over again. 


Yes, of course I want you to do it with our kit:  “Finally, the TRUTH About Weight-Management” because I know this presentation has been so hugely successful for more than 20 years.




Whether you use our materials or develop your own.. the POINT is to get out there and deliver your message. 


Here’s all you need to know about getting new business:




If you simply do this one thing.  And do it repeatedly… you will never, EVER be chasing clients ever again.  It’s true!  They will be flocking to you.  You’ll have a waiting list.


Yes, I realize that public speaking scares the crap out of most people.  Me, too.  Even the best will tell you that although they may have spoken thousands of times… they still get nervous.  But, a funny thing happens.  Within a few minutes on stage, you’ll calm right down and everything will be O.K. ….. because you “know your stuff.”




The very fact that you chose this profession is a GIFT.  And, even the “surface knowledge” you possess is a GIFT to be shared with the public (through a seminar or webinar).


Think about this… 


Could a lawyer really go out and do a “lunch and learn?”  Could an accountant attract a crowd of people at a seminar?  How about a plumber... or car mechanic… or electrician… or whomever.


But YOU have a topic almost EVERYONE wants to know more about:  HEALTH, WEIGHT-MANAGEMENT,  NUTRITION, ENERGY, STRESS…..


When you work with clients to help them regain their health or control their body-composition – the right way starting with education….   Then, what you’ve really given them is “SELF-EMPOWERMENT!” 


And, that’s the greatest GIFT of all!


So, I encourage you to get out there and SHARE YOUR GIFT.  You’ll be soundly rewarded with an endless stream of new clients who believe in YOU!