Blogging for Dollars…


Yes… Yes… YES… BLOGGING is ESSENTIAL to your business.


Especially today!


And, if you are building any kind of “ONLINE” health-related business, then, I’m sure I don’t need to elaborate on its importance.


So, if you are already blogging at least once a week and you just need some ideas… then, you can stop reading this post right now and just click on the DOWNLOAD Button and get the list right now:

On the Other Hand….


If you are new to blogging and are not sure why you should do it, or, how to get started, or, even what to write about, then let’s start at the very beginning.

Get a WordPress Website



If you don’t already have a website, you absolutely must get one up and running as soon as possible.  And, make sure it’s built on the WordPress Platform.


I won’t go into all the details, but today, more than 20% of all websites are now built on WordPress.


WordPress is very “user-friendly” and, they tend to rank better in the search engines (SEO) than all other platforms.   Just trust me on this.


Already Got One?


Perhaps you already have a WordPress website, but, don’t know how to access the “back-end” which prevents you from blogging.   If that’s the case, please ask your webmaster for “Administrative Access.”  Typically, a  web developer will gladly provide you with Admin Access. 


I still hear about health and fitness professionals who are literally “held hostage” by their web developers who charge for posting the blog… and do it at their own convenience.


Don’t let that happen to you.



But, before you go messing around in the “back-end” of your website, be sure to get some training or instruction.


There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube and other sources.  And, for $59.99 you can get a year’s worth of access to my WordPress 101 Tutorials (23 professionally produced “how-to” videos for the beginner).


Click Here to see More Tutorials.

Why Blog..?


As the title of this post suggests, the reason you should blog is to help generate revenue.


Blogs are not typically a “hard sell,” but, rather “soft sell” opportunities.  Take a look at almost any blog and you’ll see that contained within the text are LINKS that re-direct the reader to a new page – often, a sales page.


For example, within a blog post, I might say something like, “To learn more about our Daily Journals.  Just CLICK HERE….


If you are an ONBOARD 101, you have all kinds of topics to write about. (You can even use the questions from your 12-Mini Posters)


And, every single time you write about weight-management, lifestyle, protein, carbohydrates, etc… you can ALWAYS link to your ONBOARD 101 homepage – where the reader will hopefully watch the video and sign-up for the curriculum.   But, it’s a soft sell.


One very successful ONBOARD 101 admin who works out of a physical location also has over 100 ONBOARD 101 students who do NOT train at her facility.  They are all “online” purchasers who came to her through her online media strategy… including blogging.

The Non-Tangibles…


Talking about non-tangible benefits within a “sales-driven” industry often falls on “deaf ears!”


But, if you are into health and fitness for the long-haul.. as in a career… then, branding, positioning, awareness, character and tons of other non-tangible attributes come into play.


Blogging, along with other elements of social media gives you a PLATFORM from which to introduce and define yourself to a GLOBAL AUDIENCE.


Today’s top health and fitness professionals understand that blogging:

  • Positions you as an expert
  • Builds your online brand
  • Increases awareness both online and local
  • Defines and projects your company character and culture
  • Demonstrates your expertise and professionalism

How Often Should You Blog..?


There are all kinds of theories as to how often you should blog.  Some professional bloggers advocate writing once a day.


But, that’s all they do.


Most of us have other things going on like running the business, training clients, family obligations and an actual real social life!


Most of the top health and fitness professional consistently publish a blog post once a week.

Examples of Professional Blogs

Here’s a list of professional health and fitness blogs.  The entire goal is to give you some ideas about blogging as well as some cool topic ideas.