The Most Overlooked Marketing Tactic (even missed by experts)

OverLookedToday,  I’m going to share with you THE BEST advice ever – especially if you plan — or, are already on your way to building a 6-figure health coaching or fitness business  – whether it’s “online” or “brick and mortar” or both!


This “golden nugget” of advice has NOTHING to do with selling anything.  YET, it’s the entire reason I’ve sold millions of dollars worth of health related products over the last 25 years.


Weird… right?


This tactic is so important, that when I first speak with any of my private business coaching clients — it’s the very first thing we discuss.


Now you might be thinking… “Uh oh… this is going to be something really “heavy” and “complex.”


But, it’s NOT!


This isn’t complex, extravagant or expensive.   I’m not going to tie your brain in knots with a discussion about:

  • Social media platforms
  • Email marketing
  • Sales copywriting
  • Funnel marketing campaigns


It’s None of That Stuff!


Those things have their place.  But, they are not NEARLY AS IMPORTANT as this “golden nugget” I’m about to share with you.


It actually amazes me how many health and fitness marketing experts NEVER talk about this.  Or, if they do, it’s like a “side note.”


Maybe it’s too basic.  Too simple.   Perhaps you’ll be disappointed since I’m building this up so much.  You might be expecting something earth-shattering.  If so, I apologize.


The fact is, in your heart-of-hearts this is something you ALREADY KNOW.


Here’s What I Mean


Let me explain it in a context with which you and I are both familiar.


You already know the BEST fitness and nutrition programs are usually the MOST SIMPLE and the MOST BASIC.  With that in mind, let me share with you this fact….


The most successful business owners — both “brick and mortar” as well as “online” do NOT operate using overly complicated, complex plans.




The most successful businesses are efficiently run on simple, straightforward, basic “road maps” to success.


I bet you know where I’m headed.   Does this make sense to you?   Are you still with me….?


Great…. because everything I’ve mentioned above —  the best advice ever — the Golden Nugget —  all boils down to one word:




Yes… yes…. I know.  You’ve heard this before… that CONTENT IS KING!  And, it’s still true — but, even more so today than ever before.  Especially if you plan to start selling “online” services.


This one word has been the driving force behind the growth and success of all my businesses for more than 35 years.


But, it’s not just my business.


Do you watch Shark Tank?  In their case it’s all about the IDEA.  It’s never super complex.  Typically, they are simple, but, really clever IDEAS…  like the guy with the little magnet that holds his eye-glasses onto his shirt. Now, that’s “CONTENT.”


How about The Profit.  For Marcus, it’s all about People, Process and Product.  And the products are never, ever, overly complicated or complex.  They are smart.  Or different.  They are “CONTENT.”


Simple… right?


Let me explain how this applies to YOU and your business.  Especially if you plan, or, are already building an “ONLINE” business.


Most health and fitness professionals who want to start an online business place their priorities on all the wrong things.  For example, most will think about:

  • The name of their company
  • The design of their brand logo and tagline
  • The look and “feel” of their website
  • How to create social media campaigns
  • What to write in their blogs
  • How to plan a grand opening


These are valid points… but they are NOT the highest priority.  In fact, they are FAR from the most important things with which you need to concern yourself.


The most important thing about any business… and most especially an ONLINE BUSINESS is CONTENT.   


And, let me take it a step further by saying it’s the credibility and quality of your CONTENT.


Before You Do Anything…

  • So, before you write your first BLOG ARTICLE.
  • Before you record your very first VIDEO or PODCAST.
  • Before you produce your first WEBINAR


Remember….  only ONE THING really matters.   Your CONTENT.


It must be the absolute best it can be.  The highest quality you can possibly deliver.  It must be absolute GOLD!


  • All of your COMMUNICATIONS and CONTENT must be clear and concise.  But, even more important, it must provide your readers, viewers, listeners and potential clients with enormous VALUE.


  • All of your COMMUNICATIONS and CONTENT must demonstrate your understanding of their problems  —  and offer a SOLUTION to fix them.


  • All of your COMMUNICATIONS and CONTENT should leave your readers, viewers, listeners and potential clients with at least ONE GOLDEN NUGGET and/or ONE NEW WAY to ACHIEVE THEIR GOALS.


More than an Online Brochure..?

So, when you have some time to assess your own online presence, ask yourself this:

“Is my online presence more than an electronic brochure?”


Do you add value to the user’s experience?  Do they leave your website or FaceBook page with more than when they entered?  Did you offer something of value?


  • For example, all ONBOARD 101 administrators offer value with the opening 5-minute video on their home pages.  This is CONTENT.


  • Some trainer and coaching websites offer simple “beginner” or “101” type workouts via Video Demonstrations for Free.  This is CONTENT.  Then, offer all kinds of upsell opportunities at various price points — from advanced workouts to one-on-one coaching via Skype.


  • Some health coaches offer 7-Day Nutrition Plans for free.  This is CONTENT.  Then, offer all kinds of upsell opportunities at various price points — from super customized nutrition plans and detox strategies to one-on-one consulting via email, Google Hangouts or Skype.


  • One health coach who markets his services to traveling executives and sales professionals has created a niche workout program called “Road Warriors” using exercise bands.  The first 5 video demos are FREE.  This is CONTENT.  He demonstrates (video) advanced exercises and how to do them inside a hotel room (his videos were shot inside a Sheraton Hotel room).  In addition, he includes listings of “healthy restaurants” at every major metropolitan city in the U.S.  He even includes a special star for the eateries that deliver and includes a link to GrubHub.   Did I mention that he also sells the exercise bands on his website..???


Almost all membership and coaching websites offer tremendous value for free — with even more value upon the purchase of a membership.


The Guiding Light…

In real estate, it’s location, location, location.   In online business, it’s CONTENT, CONTENT, CONTENT!