How a 5-Year Old Could Save Us Billions

Even a 5-year old kid could point us in the right direction to save more than $1,000,000,000 in nutritional research and health care.

Really.  I’m serious. 

Just allow me to show you the research.  It’s a pretty complex research experiment — are you ready..?

  • First, find a 5-year old child.
  • Then, place an apple in one hand and a cupcake in the other.
  • Next, ask him or her old which is healthier
  • The toddler will give the correct answer —  but, then, grab the cupcake and run like hell!

BAM!   That’s all you need to know.  Even a 5-year old can identify a healthier option.. but CHOOSES the sugary, less healthy cupcake.

Hidden Jewel

There’s the hidden jewel of knowledge regarding nutrition and health care.  It ain’t rocket science!

People throughout the world make lifestyle choices… just like a 5-year old.  The difference is that after 20 to 30 years of “choosing the cupcake”  along with other bad choices and the consequences become physically evident.

Yup, chronic degenerative disease, hormonal imbalances, obesity and almost all of the modern maladies can be traced back to lifestyle decisions, choices, options…

Throw Good Money After Bad

Nonetheless, the government continues to spend countless millions, and now billions, on researching this stuff!

Want proof?  Here’s the most recent:

The National Institutes of Health funded a two-year study that assigned 811 overweight people to one of four reduced-calorie diets and found that all trimmed pounds just the same. It didn’t matter what healthy foods participants ate, but rather how many calories they consumed.

Really?   Duh!!!

Are You a Good Role Model..?

Now…. do I even dare bring up the fact that pot and cigarette smoking statistics are on the rise?

O.K., I’m ready to solve the healthcare issue head-on.  Let’s talk prevention and education.

And that, my friends… is the best way to save billions in healthcare!

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