Why “Front-Loaders” Make More Money..!

In today’s “low-ball” economy, it’s really fun to pass on this information about a professional coach, known in his community as “Trainer Dave.” 


He and his 3 trainers charge $125 per hour for their one-on-one sessions.  They are booked solid.  It’s an interesting format.


Granted, his trainers are highly educated with degrees in various life sciences and are multi-certified.


Dave does a number of interesting things..

  • Targets ONLY specific high-income Zip Codes with direct mail. 
  • He public speaks almost every week and is part of a “speaker’s bureau”
  • Holds “brown bag lunch time” seminars at companies, organizations, etc. 
  • He and his trainers volunteer to help very specific non-profit organizations and network with their local Chamber of Commerce. 


If you read this with a keen eye, it’s obvious that Dave targets high income business people.  It’s smart.   His current client mix is approximately 75% men and 25% women.


Here’s what else he does…


Before new clients can even train with any of his trainers or him… they  have to take a REQUIRED two-week course in basic physiology.  Yes, it is REQUIRED And, yes, they use ONBOARD 101 as a “baseline” for the curriculum


The new clients meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays and they cover 3 Chapters at each meeting (90 minutes).  And… it’s FREE. 


When Dave explains this requirement to his clients, he frames it this way:

I don’t want our trainers, or you, to be wasting time with questions or figuring out why you are being asked to perform an exercise a certain way.  We know we charge a premium for our expertise so we want this to be some of the highest quality time of your day.  If we “Front Load” you with an education, you’ll be 10 times more prepared and motivated for the level of training you are about to receive.”

Become a “premium service” provider

I just love that term:  FRONT LOAD!


I know not everybody can do this.. as this is a successful “premium-services” model.


But, if you have the superior skill sets and know how to present the differences between you and everyone else…. then, you’ve got the Porsche / Ferrari / Rolls Royce club or studio  —  the kind that attracts educated, high net-worth individuals who want the best!


And, these are one of the most loyal clients you will ever attract.  They are also a “word-of-mouth” referral crowd who constantly discuss the “best-of-the-best” — as that’s what their lives are all about.


Now, Dave is incorporating a complete “online coaching website” for clients who travel or live too far away to come to his studio.


It’s good to be a “front-loader!”


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