How External Links HURT Your Business

WebHave you ever asked this question of someone:

“Why are we doing it this way?”

Only to be given the absolute worst answer ever:

“Because we’ve ALWAYS done it THAT WAY!”

Yes… it’s true with so many things.  But, nowhere is it more evident than with website developers / designers and templates.

I am going to share with you just ONE THING that 99.9% of all web developers do to websites (and probably yours) that makes NO SENSE from a strategic point of view.

And, especially if you’re attempting to CONVERT prospects into clients or securing actual SALES TRANSACTIONS.

In fact, this philosophy of “We’ve always done it that way” actually HURTS your website and ultimately your business.

It’s the difference between a website being PRETTY or STRATEGIC.

O.K., have I piqued your interest?

Quick! Take a Look
at Your Website…

Here’s the truth.  About 99.9% of all websites include “external links” to social media sites.   You know the drill.  “Follow us on Facebook.”

But why..?   Seriously WHY..?????

Just think about this:

  • You spend all kinds of time, effort and money to get people to your website.
  • You spend big bucks on SEO and re-targeting campaigns
  • You spend hours creating lead magnets and opt-in forms to build your list.

And, when someone finally lands on your site… there it is…..  right on the home page… “Follow us on Facebook.”

Or, even worse… all the SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS.

Are you kidding me..?   All that time, effort and money to attract people to your site and then:  YOU INVITE THEM TO LEAVE?


Because it looks pretty?  Maybe.  But, mostly it’s, “Because we’ve ALWAYS done it THAT WAY!”

Imagine This…

Imagine arriving at a car lot to look for a new car — and a salesman strolls up and says, “Hey, before you look at cars, why don’t you go over to Starbucks and have a cup of coffee… it’s just down the street!”


But, in essence, that’s exactly what we’re doing when we decorate our websites with all those fancy little social media icons (external links) and send our visitors away.

Trust me… the visitors you worked so hard to get, will be so distracted they’ll likely not be back for a while…. if, at all!

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too..!

O.K. so, I’m NOT saying you shouldn’t be using social media.  YOU SHOULD.

But, the strategic approach is to invite your “opt-ins” (people on your email list) to your social media accounts via EMAIL.

Better yet… start a Facebook Group where you can build the relationships and nurture your “tribe” with great content.

Why This is So Important
to Your Business

Here’s the point:  When it comes to website design and function, there is a  HUGE DIFFERENCE between being “Pretty” and being “Strategic.”

And, if you plan to offer ONLINE TRAINING, CONSULTING, INFO PRODUCTS, MEMBERSHIP PROGRAMS, etc. (ie; making money), then, being strategic is now more important than ever!  It is crucial.

Your goal is to engage visitors and to either gain an email address or motivate a transaction.   The longer you keep your visitor engaged, the more likely one of those two actions will occur.

Make sense..?

And, this is just one small element. But, believe it or not, this can make a huge difference in your revenue generation and overall business success.

More to Come…

As we continue to advance our commitment to strategic web design, I’ll be passing on more information that you can apply to your own website.

And, hopefully, you’ll continue to learn about WordPress starting with this FREE ONLINE GUIDE.