How to “Mindset” Your Fitness Business



No matter where we are in the calendar year… here’s the BIG QUESTION: 


Where are YOU and YOUR BUSINESS headed?


Is THIS going to be your BREAKOUT YEAR?


Or, is THIS YEAR going to end-up the exact same as LAST YEAR..?


Perhaps, you’re a little bit like me.


In the beginning, my business took off like a rocket.  But, two years later, I hit a plateau.  I just couldn’t seem to break through it.


Year after year I used to say to myself, “This is the YEAR I’m going to make it happen!


But, then, life got in the way, and, once again, the year played out the same.


In fact, there’s a five year stretch where all of the years just seemed to blend together into a giant chunk of passive mediocrity.




Seriously, year after year I was hitting the same numbers.  I was stuck in a NO-GROWTH Cycle.


I remember thinking, “What’s wrong with this business?”


Are my products and services no longer relevant?  Is it the economy?  Is it the competition?


The list of excuses went on and on….  until one day I had lunch with an old friend and explained my “no growth” dilemma to him.


He took a deep breath and said, “Look Art, your “no-growth” problem has nothing to do with any of that stuff.  Your issue is all about your MINDSET.“


BAM…!!!  There it was.  The problem was ME!


I want to share with you what he told me… because it changed everything.   And, if your business has hit a plateau, it may help you, too.




He said, “Listen, Art, here’s what I know about YOU…

  • As an entrepreneur, you’re totally “hard-wired” to take risks.  It’s in your DNA.  And, it’s played out through your life in sports, relationships and now, your business.


  • As an entrepreneur, you thrive on struggle — and have no problem with those 14 to 18-hour days.  You push through failures and literally blast through walls of resistance and ultimately force your way into SUCCESS!


  • As an entrepreneur, your brain is constantly and consistently focused on the future.  So, no matter where you are in the cycle, success is ALWAYS just around the corner.  This is most definitely the “mindset” of the true entrepreneur.


  • YOU are DIFFERENT.  (Does this sound like you, too?)




Then, my old friend asked me this question:

Art, when was the last time you took a real leap.  A giant jump-out-of-the-airplane kind of risk?  The kind of thing that gives you goose-bumps, puts butterflies in your stomach and makes you question your own sanity?


I’ll share that answer in a minute.


But, first, I want to point out that you’ve read this far because you’re probably a true entrepreneur with your own business.


And, as you know, I continually promote and market my most popular ONBOARD 101 ULTIMATE




Because it works.


Now, I could sit here and tell you how amazing this kit is… and how it could transform your business and absolutely 2X your revenue.  (I’ve got proof)!


But, I’m not going to do any of that.


Instead, I want to continue my story and tell you how my old friend convinced me to make a BIG, life-changing, pull-the-trigger decision that literally blasted my business through the roof.




This meeting with my old friend was 11 years ago in 2006.


The answer to his question:  The last time I took that kind of a BIG HAIRY RISK was when I first started my business back in 1990!


He said, “That’s what I thought!” 


Then, he went on to point out how, over time, I’d become adverse to risk.  I’d become way too conservative.  I’d literally lost my MOJO!


He eventually got around to suggesting I join a Mastermind group, of which he was a member, in order to get my head together and change my mindset.




I agreed until I saw the price tag. It was $25,000 for one year (12 weekend retreats).


Well, I was making pretty good money… but holy crap…  $25K..?????


No freakin’ way was I going to spend that kind of money with no return, no guarantees, no nothing!


But, my friend persisted and encouraged me to talk to other members of the group and to make a decision within the next month.


So, I spoke with other members and eventually spoke with the leader of group who assured me I would “feel” value received.


I felt good about him.  I felt good about the other members of the group, their confidence and their results.  But, I just couldn’t get past the $25,000 price tag.


At the end of the month, as the group membership was closing its doors, my old friend called me and said today is your “decision day.”   I expressed my concern over the expense to which he responded,

Damn it, Art…. just jump out of your comfort zone!”


So, with great nervousness, every instinct screaming “Don’t do it” — my brain flashing on… $25,000…! $25,000…! —  the pen shaking in my hand, I signed the $25,000 contract and entered in my credit card details.


Just like that.  It was done.




Interestingly, I immediately felt a “shift.”


For the first time since I started my business, I FELT heart-pounding enthusiasm and reborn commitment to making my business grow.


Perhaps it was the placebo effect.  Or endorphins from pulling the trigger on a $25,000 contract.


Whatever it was, for the first time in many, many years, I had:


Clarity. Commitment. Confidence.  Purpose.


I stayed with the group for the next 5 years.   My business tripled.  It morphed into new categories and now, even at age 64 I’m more excited about it than ever before.


Seriously, that $25K was the best investment I’ve ever made.  As I look back, I laugh at how nervous and skeptical I was.




Well, because, I know, first-hand, how investing in yourself and your business can be freakin’ scary.   That $25,000 leap of faith was not easy.


Making this type of decision takes a TON of COURAGE.   It’s literally throwing yourself into the ABYSS!


But, just the ACT of DOING IT shows that you’re READY FOR GROWTH.


So, yes, I want you to seriously consider ONBOARD 101 ULTIMATE

 (and let me remind you it’s not even close to $25K..!).


And, the reason is simple.  This PLATFORM has proven itself over and over again because it’s designed as a SYSTEM to DRIVE VOLUME SALES to your fitness business.


The premise is simple:

  • Promote and present a credible Seminar/Webinar to mass audiences.


  • Convert your audiences into clients/members with a one-time only offer


  • Deliver on your promises starting with an automated onboarding program ONBOARD 101


I’m dead serious when I tell you this one package will differentiate YOU and YOUR BUSINESS from 99% of your competition.


Here’s why:

  • Today, 99% of fitness trainers, clubs and others are selling one-to-one single sales.


  • Today, less than 1% have any type of automation or subscription-based programming generating any kind of revenue whatsoever.


I hope more than ever this is YOUR BREAKOUT YEAR…!


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