You’re Just One Word Away from Being a 7-Figure Fitness Business



I’ve been in the fitness business since 1978 when I worked the floor as a personal trainer at Jack LaLanne’s European Health Spa in Huntington Beach, California.


In that time I’ve seen plenty of fitness professionals get super wealthy.  While at the same time, others who just went down the drain.


The difference had nothing to do with how smart they were.  It had nothing to do with how many credentials they earned.  And, in fact, it had nothing to do with fitness at all!


Nope, it can all be summed up in one word:



Yup, there it is.  The one word that separates people from all walks of life!


It doesn’t matter what ethnicity, age, gender, education or whatever you want to throw into the mix.


Mindset is mindsetPeriod.

A Little Clarity…


O.K., so that’s a little broad.  And, no, you can’t just “mindset” yourself to 7-figures. It doesn’t work like that.


But, it is the first step.


Allow me to explain.


Over the past 5 years some HUGE shifts have occurred in the “Fitness Space.”


Everything from technology and social media to new fitness business models and consumer demand….  NOTHING is the same as it was  — even 5 years ago.


As a result, I’ve noticed (and our own research has validated) two very different mindsets among health professionals.


Let me give you a simple example.


Take two fit pro studio owners who both lead group sessions as well as a few one-on-ones in the course of a day.


They both do essentially the same thing.


But here’s the mindset difference.


One of them considers himself/herself a “personal trainer.”


The other considers himself/herself a “content provider.”

Yes… Fitness is CONTENT!


Oh yes, my friends, fitness is, indeed, CONTENT.


It is the type of credible, instructional CONTENT for which your clients are willing to PAY.


Otherwise, they could simply go for a run, ride their bikes or any number of self-guided exercise programs.


But, nope.


They elect to pay YOU for your knowledge, motivation and — CONTENT!

Try It On…


Do you see where I’m going with this?  Sure, it’s a matter of perspective.  Maybe even semantics.  But, beyond all the “word play,”believe me, over time it absolutely becomes a MINDSET.


Your WORDS…  your THOUGHTS…   your MINDSET...   become your REALITY.


And, the fitness professionals who believe they are CONTENT PROVIDERS will elevate their businesses far above the fit pros who can’t get past being “personal trainers” in their own heads.


  • So, tomorrow or whenever the time is right… put on your CONTENT PROVIDER hat and wear it all day.  Just think about how many questions you answer.  That’s CONTENT.


  • Think about how much you are teaching and motivating your clients with correct technique and positive validation.  That’s CONTENT.


  • Think about how many more opportunities are available to CONTENT PROVIDERS than for personal trainers.

Talk to a 7-Figure Business Owner


Best of all, CONTENT PROVIDERS make more money — because, well, people are simply willing to pay more for CONTENT.  Yes… CONTENT IS STILL KING!


Here’s another example.


Think about this.  How much time, effort and money do fitness pros spend to attend the big fitness trade shows like IDEA and IHRSA? 


Or, the smaller fitness business events throughout the country?


Tons of it.  Why?


Yup…  it’s to gain more CONTENT.


And, if you go to these events and attend a breakout session to hear a specific speaker on a particular topic, that too, is to gain more CONTENT.   Right?


Finally, if you get a chance to talk with a fitness professional who is a recognized 7-figure business owner, I guarantee you’ll be talking with a CONTENT PROVIDER.


If you’re not there already, then, take heart.


You’re just ONE WORD away.

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