How to Retain Your Training Clients – The 4 Secrets


If you run a health club, a studio, a training company or any kind of health related business… then just like me.. you know the importance of the 3R’s


  • Retention
  • Referrals
  • Revenues

Am I right?


So, let me share with you 4 Absolute Truths about fitness retention, fitness referrals and fitness revenue —  after 30 years of being in the fitness business and conducting hundreds of consumer surveys.

Truth #1

The first thing is this.   The #1 reason people join a health club or hire a trainer is to lose weight. Period.  


Oh sure they couch it in different ways, but when you get down to asking them about how they want to change their bodies, 87% of all consumers will tell you they want to get smaller.  


Not bigger!


Truth #2


Here’s what else happens.  All of those consumers who want to lose weight have two numbers in their head.


The first number is exactly how many pounds they expect to lose.  


The second number is the exact date they expect those pounds to be gone.


Oh…  and by the way… they never tell you about those two numbers. But, believe me, those numbers are foremost on their minds.  And, almost 100% of the time those numbers are totally unrealistic.


Truth #3


The third truth is this:  Every single year thousands of clubs and studios experience a 50% annual attrition rate because members and clients become discouraged when their unrealistic expectations are not met.


So, there it is.


Unexpressed Goals + Unrealistic Expectations = Cancellation.


Truth #4

Ahhhh… but there are 4 Truths.   

And the the good news can be found in the TRUTH #4

Members and clients who achieve results most definitely:

  • drive up retention rates
  • increase referrals
  • create additional revenue.


And, that’s what Onboard101 is all about.


It will empower your clients and members through education.


And through education, they will achieve results.


If you’re a health professional or health educator, you’re already well aware that most people just simply don’t know how their bodies work.  


In fact, they know WAY more about how their smartphones operate than how their own bodies function.


This lack of basic fundamental knowledge often prevents clients from ever achieving their goals.


Onboard101 changes all of that.  And that’s because…. at the end of the day, educated, empowered clients combined with YOUR EXPERTISE achieve their goals and get results.


And results will drive retention, referrals and revenue.