How to Generate INSTANT Revenue


I’m really excited to share something with you that could seriously INCREASE YOUR REVENUE…  INSTANTLY! 


And, “it” was reinforced when I sat in on a webinar hosted by Alicia Streger as she interviewed Rick Streb who runs a successful studio and owns


Rick’s a seasoned pro with lots of business savvy.  So, I blocked out the time to hear what he had to say about his Nutrition Programming and how he leverages it within his own training business.


About mid-way through his presentation, he SAID “IT.”   My brain just went, “WOW… THERE IT IS… AGAIN!”  


Here’s WHY I’m So Excited…


There’s an incredibly effective tactic being deployed by just a few top professionals in the health and fitness space.


I’m pretty sure these pros don’t know each other.   But they’re all smart.  They’re all successful.  And, they’re all deploying the same basic tactic.


This single tactic is NOT difficult.  It does NOT cost a single penny.  And, YOU can do it, too!  It’s just a matter of using your CREATIVITY to think it through.


So, let me set this up by going back to the webinar with Alicia and Rick…


This is WHAT Rick said:


While speaking about his programming, Rick said something to the effect, “I don’t ask people if they want to add nutrition to their program.  It’s already built-in.”


There it is! 


Rick does NOT upsell into nutritional guidance.  It’s already baked-in to his programming.  It’s already part of his VALUE PROPOSITION.  And, internally, he has a dollar value attached to the nutrition component so he can determine it’s profitability over time.


It’s an “assumptive close” because Rick knows that if a person wants to transform his/her body then, nutritional guidance and accountability are absolutely, positively REQUIRED!  It’s NOT an OPTION!


 No wonder he’s so successful!


Mary & Jerry Do it With ONBOARD 101:


Mary and Jerry Collins own and operate a co-ed studio and sell a 12-Week “Life Changer” program.  It is a combination of:

  • One-on-one consultation (nutrition)
  • Group training sessions
  • Weekly group meetings
  • Daily email affirmations (auto-responder)
  • Private facebook group
  • PRE-PROGRAM COURSE – ONBOARD 101 Curriculum (mandatory)


Yup.. that’s right!  They have a prerequisite MANDATORYPre-Program” which includes the self-guided course (ONBOARD 101).   Each participant of the 12- Week LIFE CHANGER Program MUST complete the ONBOARD 101 Curriculum before the start date of the program. It’s a REQUIREMENT!


Oh yes…. they check the back-end of their admin panel to see who’s completed the course.  And, yes, they have actually refunded money to clients who did not finish the requirement.


Mary told me they don’t want “non-compliant” people in their program, anyway.  The “non-compliants” will sabotage the other participants.  And, besides, if a participant can’t even fulfill the very first requirementhow motivated will he/she be?


Mary and Jerry place an internal value of the ONBOARD 101 Curriculum at $100 per person.  However, on their price sheet, it is listed at retail for $399.


Here’s the point.  Just like Rick, they have “baked-in” their ONBOARD 101 Curriculum.  It is NOT an UP-SELL.  They do NOT market it as an add-on.  It’s part of the VALUE PROPOSITION.


Roger Hanson “Crushes It” with This Model


Roger Hanson runs a small training center with an emphasis on sport specific training (climbing, skiing, Iron Man).


His staff of 3 trainers all have B.S. degrees in exercise physiology as well as multiple certifications in exercise, nutrition and specific sport disciplines — which is why they charge $125 per hour.   However, they do NOT offer any hourly sessions.  EVERYTHING they offer is a “package.” 


They do NOT offer group sessions.  All sessions are personalized, one-on-one training.


About 5 years ago he started a “Train for Life” program for retired athletes and active lifestyle enthusiasts who still like to train.   Think of it as CrossFit specifically designed for people over the age of 50.


It’s a 16-week premium program. (Yes, it’s quite expensive)


The “Train for Life” program includes group meetings (street clothes) for meal prep classes, Onboard-101 classes and sports psychology classes.


Every single package they offer includes the following:


None of these products or services are “optional.”  They are BAKED-IN to the package.  They are all part of the VALUE PROPOSITION.


Yes, this is considered expensive, premium type services.  But, in this case, the over 50 crowd are highly educated and affluent with enough time to dedicate toward their health, sport or active lifestyle activities.


Do You See Where This is Going…?


Listen, I totally understand LBOs (low barrier offers) and  group programming are necessary parts of the business.  But, if that’s ALL YOU’VE GOT, then, you’ll be competing with every other trainer, studio and club with nothing more than PRICE-POINT strategies.


It’s a DEAD END and unsustainable business model.


Creating various VALUE PROPOSITIONS with “BAKED-IN” products and services will increase your revenue and profitability OVERNIGHT!


Think of this.  Years ago when you went to purchase an automobile you had options like:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Tinted Windows
  • Automatic Transmission vs. Manual
  • Electric Windows vs. Crank


Today, none of those components are OPTIONS.  They are all BAKED-IN to the package and the price.  The auto industry is always evolving. 





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