The Fastest, Most Immediate Way To Turn Your Fitness Business into an ONLINE CASH COW


O.K.,  before I reveal all the virtues of an ONLINE COURSE…. 


I’m going to share with you a little secret that will literally save you hundreds of dollarsINSTANTLY.


It starts with my copywriting…


While I’ve received lots of compliments in the past (even won a few awards…) there’s a problem that I just can’t overcome.


The problem is that I write in a particular “VOICE.” 


It’s MY voice.  It’s MY style.


If you’ve read a few of my emails, you already know that I write in a casual, conversational manner. 


When I write, I typically pick a person (it might even be you) and visualize us sitting down at a Starbucks and having a conversation.


A lot of people write this way.  It’s fun and sure beats the formal, institutionalized style used by so many companies.




I didn’t even know I HAD this problem until 4 years ago when I launched ONBOARD 101 .


And, then, it surfaced AGAIN when I launched our Weight-Management & Lifestyle Seminar/Webinar Kit.

Here’s what I’m talking about.

Whenever I launch a product, I ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS over-deliver with as many value-added BONUS ITEMS as possible.

This includes a ton of pre-written materials and productions including:

  • Email sequences for marketing funnels 
  • Direct mail templates. 
  • Media releases
  • Social Media posts and images
  • Blog posts with images
  • Professionally produced promo videos
  • Branded Posters and Mini Posters
  • Branded TriFold brochures
  • Complimentary workshops


I added so much VALUE to these packages that even if you decided the product wasn’t right for your business, the BONUS ITEMS by themselves were worth the price!


But, then, I started to receive calls and emails from purchasers who were essentially telling me this:

“As much as I appreciate all the extra BONUS ITEMS, it’s just not ME.  That’s NOT how I write.  That’s NOT how I would market this program.  Can I purchase it at a lower price WITHOUT the BONUS ITEMS?”




Yes… that hurt.


But, then, when I thought about it… they’re absolutely right!


Hell, I’m not the smartest marketer out there.  To be honest, some of the smartest, web-savvy marketers I’ve ever met are personal trainers.


And, they have their own ideas.  They have their own way of marketing their products and services.   Maybe, that’s YOU.


Plus, our support materials are designed for fit pros


But, a lot of our customers are holistic health coaches and therapists who approach their markets from a completely different angle… and, yes, a different VOICE.




So, I’m telling you all this because for the first time ever…. 


I’m going to launch a product WITHOUT any value-added bonuses.


That’s right!


The ONBOARD101 complete, done-for-you, health education profit generator is going to be launched as a raw, core program — with no marketing bonuses or value-added materials


That means you’ll steal it at a price that will not only STUN YOU, but  absolutely make it a “no-brainer!”




And, before I reveal the priority pricing for professionals on my exclusive email list (later this week), I want to provide an opportunity for YOU to actually TRY IT OUT!   RIGHT NOW..!!!


You can try it out as a “User Experience” the way your clients will use it — or…


You can take the 7-DAY FREE TRIAL where you’ll have access to the entire, full system.  We’ll even BRAND it with YOUR LOGO for your TRIAL.


One last thing


If you decide to click on the link and try out ONBOARD-101…. PLEASE… PLEASE… PLEASE view all of the TUTORIALS on the landing page, FIRST.  


It takes less than 15 minutes to view all of the TUTORIALS, but will make your navigation so much easier… 


So, if you’re ready to give the system a test drive, just CLICK HERE….