How to Teach Your Clients About Digestion…


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If you are a fitness professional or health coach and you want to INCREASE retention, referrals and revenues… then health education should truly be part of your business. 


In fact, among many top pros, it’s a moral obligation to get beyond the simple jumping, running, walking and lifting.  They take a holistic approach toward their clients. 


Yes… that means teaching them about nutrition, physical activity, mindset and how it all fits together… like a puzzle.


And, if you ask the right questions, you’ll quickly discover how little people actually know about digestion.


For example, ask them where digestion starts and they will typically tell you, “The stomach.”




Ask which comes first, the large or small intestine.  It’s a 50/50 question, yet, when we conducted our surveys, more than 67% got it wrong.  They think it works like a funnel!


Yes, of course this brings me around to our brand new done-for-you web-based platform, ONBOARD 101


It will help empower your clients through education and knowledge.


And, at the same time it will generate new profits for your business.  It’s a win/win. 


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