How to Make $1,649 with a 5-Minute Conversation


“Oh, nooooo way,” you say!


“There’s no way I could do THAT!”   That’s just not possible for ME.”



Well, it IS possible.  And, more than one person has proven it!


PLUS…. I’m going to give you a script… so YOU can do it TOO! 


The Back Story…


A few weeks ago, when ONBOARD 101 was introduced, a trainer named Lisa Wheeler signed up for the FREE TRIAL.


As you know, all of my TRIALS are the REAL DEAL.  Fully functional systems that I even BRAND with YOUR LOGO


Nothing is held back… because I want YOU to have a “real world” experience with our products — like a “test drive” in a new car.


So, Lisa, during the “cool-down” of her group session of 12 ladies gave a 5-minute conversation of her BRANDED ONBOARD 101 Course.


And, she used many of the same “bullet points” I often use to explain my “WHY”  — when we developed ONBOARD 101 in the first place.


I asked Lisa if she would write down her conversation as a script in order to help others who struggle with selling ONBOARD 101 or any other program for that matter. 


She graciously spent the time to write it all down as she remembered it and sent it to me. Thank you, Lisa.


I did a little editing — gave it a title:  “COOL DOWN CONVERSATION” and converted it into an MS Word Document so you can edit to your own audience.  Just click on the link to grab it…



If you read the script, you’ll see Lisa initially sold ONBOARD 101 as a PILOT PROGRAM at an introductory price of just $97


Among her two groups that same day, she, sold exactly 17 programs at $97 each —  for a total of $1,649.  This not only paid for the program, itself, but put a bunch of cash into the business… with NO additional labor.


Here’s the AMAZING THING….  Lisa is not the only one doing this.


I’ve heard from several ONBOARD 101 ADMINS who have run special offers on Facebook and other social media.  One ADMIN who runs a Transformation Meet-up Group in San Francisco sold more than 52 ONBOARD 101 COURSES in just 2 days…. at $197 per course!


And a few studios have already told me they plan to make ONBOARD 101 MANDATORY for all NEW CLIENTS.  In other words, they are “baking it in” to their training.




Here are a few other ideas from ONBOARD 101 ADMINS…


“I’m Onboard” T-shirts


One fitness partner who’s been extremely successful with ONBOARD 101  awards each client with a T-shirt upon completion of the class. 


It’s created a “buzz” around his club and has resulted in tons of referrals among his existing clientele.  After all, they want to be ONBOARD, too!


The 2-color T-shirts cost him just $9.00 printed at a local T-shirt shop.  Brilliant…!!!


If you want the ONBOARD 101 LOGO in several different configurations and formats, just email me and I’ll send them to you for FREE, of course.

  The 1200 Club


Willie Willets takes advantage of the “gamification” points system built-in to ONBOARD 101 and awards 100 points for each Quiz Completion.  He uses a white board in his studio to post the results of his clients.


The Whiteboard Score Card is designed similarly to this chart where he inserts each client’s name and 100 points for each completed chapter:




When a client completes all chapters they become automatic members of The 1200 Club which entitles them to all kinds of discounts in his pro shop, his one-on-one training sessions, reserved parking spots at his club as well as Starbucks Gift Cards, Retail Merchant Coupons and even Movie Tickets!


A Fitness Jeopardy Landing Page


I don’t have all the details yet, but, a studio owner who just ordered ONBOARD 101 is in process of setting up a Landing Page that emulates the game show, Jeopardy.  


He plans on using it in such a way that people will see for themselves how little they know and then enroll into ONBOARD 101.   I know he’s modeling it after this:  CLICK HERE….


Super creative…. there so much “good stuff” going on with HEALTH EDUCATION…!  


With a solid health education program, your clients become educated and EMPOWERED.  


And, if positioned and presented properly, your business benefits from a non-stop profit generator!

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