Why YOU SHOULD LOOK like a Fitness PRO

The fitness industry is more complicated than just a few years ago. 


It’s more fragmented.



  • traditional big box clubs
  • training studios
  • independent trainers


  • online health coaching
  • personal development
  • lifestyle consulting


There are literally millions upon millions of health and fitness professionals throughout the world.


One Thing Will Never Change


But, no matter how diverse, complicated and fragmented this business gets, the one thing that NEVER CHANGES is the perception of professionalism.


I bring this up, because lately I’ve been receiving emails from Rachel and Alwyn Cosgrove as they promote their upcoming Results Fitness Mentorship ProgramCLICK HERE...  (I am NOT an affiliate — I believe in what they teach).


Alwyn asks a great question:  “At what point do you really decide to ‘Turn Pro?”


He maintains it’s a “simple decision.” But, not an “easy decision.”


He also gives examples of fitness trainers who have been in the business for over 10 years, yet, have never “turned pro.”


What is Turning Pro..?


Here’s what Alwyn says in his email:


“Turning Pro has got nothing to do with making money for your job.

Turning Pro is a mindset.

A set of core values.

A code of honor.

An attitude.

An identity.

It’s more than a skill set.

It’s a mindset and a “who you are at your core”-set.

It’s hard to define fully.

It’s “all the things.” Everything counts.”


And to that, I would add this:  CLICK HERE…


One More Thing and It’s Most Important


The final element of turning pro is the “icing on the cake.”  You absolutely, positively need to LOOK pro, too!


Honestly, some of the most highly qualified, certified trainers with years of experience and client successes still show up at their studios looking like rank rookies.


There is a ton of research on how people make an instant assessment and judgement within 3-seconds of visual contact.  So, when a potential client walks into your studio for the first time, what do they see within the first 3 seconds?


Do they see a polished professional in a professional environment?




Do do they walk into an unorganized mess run by an unkempt owner who appears to have just gotten out of bed?


t that point it doesn’t really matter how many degrees or certifications you’ve earned.   A judgement call has already been made.


So, in the end, Turning Pro is a holistic approach toward professionalism in EVERYTHING you do within your business.

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