Transformation Nation…

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It’s On…! 

No matter where you live…  your country has probably become a TRANSFORMATION NATION! 

And, for good reason.  Body Transformation Challenges are a super powerful way to attract new clients and members to your business.  And, these days, to your online Membership Website

Body Transformation is the New Name for Weight-Management

Yes, it’s true. Body Transformation is the new name for Weight-Management within the health and fitness space.

And, that’s a really “good thing.”


For two reasons.

It Says What it IS

First, a Body Transformation Challenge, by it’s very name (challenge) indicates it’s NOT some easy “starve-yourself-to-death” protocol. 

A challenge automatically means there will be obstaclesThat’s good!

It automatically puts your potential clients into the right mind-set for the protocol.

A Differentiator

Second, from a marketing stand point, you won’t find Weight-Watchers, Jenny Craig or NutriSystem marketing a “Body Transformation Challenge.”  

Nope, they are all about WEIGHT LOSS and PRE-PACKAGED FOODS with their “craving crushers” and “restricted calorie protocol.”

So, this is a HUGE DIFFERENTIATOR between us (the health and fitness environment)  and them (commercial weight-loss centers).

Check out All Four Body Transformation Videos:  4 Week | 6-Week | 8-Week | 12-Week

Blow it UP with Video Promotion!

So, if you are implementing a BODY TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE and want promote it with video… then check this out. 

We created these 4 Body Transformation Videos that you can use on:

  • Your Website
  • Your Blog
  • Social Media
  • Your Email
  • YouTube

Just link YOUR PROMO VIDEO from social media platforms to your BODY TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE LANDING PAGE — or Click Funnels or LeadPages site and and watch the enrollments start to fill up. 

You can grab them right now for just $47. — OR, we’ll custom brand them for you by adding and animating your logo and website url at the “outro”  for just $87 (within 48 hours).

But HURRY….  This special one-time offer ends on January 12th.

Check out All Four Body Transformation Videos:  4 Week | 6-Week | 8-Week | 12-Week