How to Breed Massive Retention, Referrals and Revenue Among Your Fitness Clients


QUESTION:  What do the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA and every professional sports team have in common?


It’s the exact same thing that today’s individual athletes like skiers, boxers, sprinters, cyclists, swimmers and skaters have in common, too!


Do you know..?


ANSWER:  They all conduct PRE-SEASON camps and/or perform activities to prepare themselves for their “in-season” events.


Further, many of today’s athletes have their own personal coaches to help facilitate their individualized training protocol.


Yes, the first order of business for all professional athletes is PRE-SEASON PREP.  


It’s not just physical training, either.  For modern athletes “pre-season” includes mental preparation, too.


Beyond new techniques and biomechanics  —  they spend time with sports psychologists learning how to get into their individual “zone” on event day.  


(You may remember olympic swimmer Michael Phelps wearing headphones before his events)


Talk to any athlete and you’ll hear what you already know.  PREPARATION is EVERYTHING!


Blind Faith!


Now, let’s bring this around to your clients, your business and YOU!


Have you ever considered how this same analogy might apply to your clients?


Most clients have been leading sedentary lifestyles.  Their nutrition, at best, is suspect.   


And, somewhere in the mix, is each client’s individual mindset as it relates to getting healthy.


If you’re like most health professionals, you know each client is different.  

  • Different strengths and weaknesses  
  • Different mindsets  
  • Different expectations


And, yet, when they sign up for a program, or join a group workout or even purchase a membership —  they essentially enter the stadium and it’s  “game-day” with NO PREPARATION.


They JUST DO IT!  (thanks Nike – sarcasm…!)  


If you want proof… walk into any club and take a look at what’s happening on the floor.


This concept held by most consumers…  that somehow, just by joining a club or hiring a trainer they will miraculously become healthy in just a few weeks — totally encapsulates the definition of BLIND FAITH.


And, as we all know, within 6-weeks the attrition rate goes through the roof.  From blind faith to… “I quit!”


What Happens When They Enter Your World?


But, Seriously…  


What if clients entered YOUR WORLD a little more educated.


What if they understood the ATP System, Lactic Acid System and Aerobic Glycolysis — how these systems function —  and why you would incorporate all of them into their workouts?  


That would be amazing… right?


And what if they actually knew the difference between simple and complex carbohydrates.  


Or, how fat is actually broken down in the body and used for fuel.  


Or, the absolute necessity of increased metabolism.  


Jeezzz… it would be like training Albert Einstein!

How About This…


What if we, as an industry, adopted a “PRE-SEASON” protocol where we took the time to EDUCATE our clients and members BEFORE they started any kind of exercise or nutrition protocol.


What Tom and Lettie Samuels Do


That’s exactly what Tom and Lettie Samuels do with their one-on-one clients.


During the sales process, they inform all prospects of their Pre-workout Education Program requirement — otherwise known as a “PEP Rally!”


It is NOT an option.   It is a prerequisite using Onboard 101.  


Before a client even steps out onto their floor with a trainer, they must read/view the online video content and pass the quizzes on Chapters One and Two (Tom and Lettie check the backend admin to validate.)


The remaining 10 Chapters are assigned during the workout period according to the session package.  After that it remains a lifelong resource.  —  Very Cool!


It’s Included


The Samuels’ lowest priced training package is $599 and includes the PEP requirement. So, while the price is not broken out (to the client) they line item the program at $97 (in their financials) and post the remaining $503 against the training sessions.


At retail, they present their PEP Rally at a $699 price point.  HUGE VALUE RECEIVED!!!


On their behalf, I recently composed a client letter explaining the program and the value it adds.  


If you are an Onboard 101 Admin, you should definitely download this letter in MS Word so you edit to your own voice and program enhancements.    


Even if you’re NOT an admin, you may find this letter useful for whatever health education platform you have in place. 



Just recently, Tom and Lettie have run more than 60 clients through their fully automated Pre-workout Education Program (Onboard 101).  


It’s generated $5,820 in NET PROFIT (60 X $97= $5,820) in just 3 months.


But, the kicker is not just the additional passive income.

  • In that same time period, only two (2) people cancelled their club membership.
  • Clients remain motivated and self-accountable through the program and engaged with the Samuels’ business.
  • Clients are just plain easier to train!
  • Among their entire email list (632 contacts) they recently ran a funnel marketing campaign promoting their PEP Rally.  It generated more than $12,000 in program packages and upsells — as well as more “passive income” through their PEP Rally (Onboard 101).


It All Starts with Educational Prep..!


Beyond Tom and Lettie, today’s top revenue generators create enjoyable, knowledge-based, self-improvement experiences for their clients by including all kinds of promotional games, incentives, metric checkpoints, etc.


But, the best-of-the-best know that it ALL STARTS WITH PREPARATION.


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