Don’t Do What I Just Did…

I hate making mistakes.


Not the, “Regrets.. I have a few…” type mistakes.


I’m talking about the earth-shaking, life-changing, “Holy crap, why didn’t I do this before?” type mistakes where you absolutely know it would have made a difference in your business —  and your life.


I call them “Mistakes of Omission.”


And, I want to share this one so you don’t make the same mistake I just made.


Are you interested?


It Started 25 Years Ago


Here’s the truth…


For more than 25 years I’ve been aware of Thomas Plummer and his fitness business workshops.  And, for 25 years, I’ve NEVER attended any of them.  


Not one!


His workshops just didn’t seem important to me or my business.


After all, I’m a vendor.  


A resource.  


A product manufacturer and content developer. 


And, even though I serve the health and fitness professional market, I live in a universe with a whole different set of issues than clubs, studios and trainers (I won’t bore you with details).


So, in my mind, a Thomas Plummer Workshop just didn’t seem like a good fit nor a good use of my valuable time.


Did I Judge the Book by the Cover..?


But, over the last year, I started reading his posts on Facebook.  


To say the least, Plummer’s posts are truly enlightening.  


They’re full of heady, philosophical musings on how to approach life.  And, somehow he weaves his words and messages into solid advice on “how to run a business” as well.


The man has a gift.


I even started forwarding his posts on to my wife, a known and respected therapist in her own right. 


“He gets it.” she said.


So, recently, I thought, “What the hell.  Why not attend a Thomas Plummer Workshop?  Who knows what I might pick up… — and besides, it might be a good opportunity to network and meet some potential fitness partners.”


So, I signed-up and attended his recent Workshop in San Francisco.




Jeezzz… within the first hour I was already regretting that I’d never attended this workshop — and Thomas hadn’t even started presenting.


The first thing to strike me was this was a room full of energized, high achievers.  


No rookies, wannabes or entry-level hobbyists.


Nope.  It was a room of fully committed, “all-in,” seasoned fitness business owners/professionals — in it for the long haul.  

Most of them are already in the 6-figure category. Several of them into seven-figures with less than 10,000 square feet.


(I was later told this is not always the case.  Most often there is a mix of experienced and newbie studio owners.)


Not surprisingly, most of the attendees knew each other.  This was NOT their first rodeo.   They regularly attend these workshops to gain advice, perspective and actionable tactics.



Excuse the “name-dropping,” but, when there are professionals like Alwyn Cosgrove, Rick Mayo, Tim Lyons, Frank Nash, Marisa Hof, Justin Grinnell, Casey Washack, Gerry Washack and others in the room… well…  it just feels DIFFERENT.  


No. Wait… it IS different!


Yes, it’s Guru-Land!  These men and women could hold their own workshops.  Some do.


Big Take-Aways


The overriding message from Thomas Plummer is similar to many fitness business marketers and consultants: 


“Low-ball pricing strategies and associated tactics will kill your business — period.”  


But, that’s where the similarities end.


With more than 40 years experience, only Plummer can “deep dive” an entire group of experienced fit pros into two days of step-by-step processes to which they can build or continue to grow their already successful, profitable businesses. 


You Talkin’ to Me..?


And, while this wealth of information is geared toward a specific Training Business Model, some of it is plain common sense practices that could be applied to any business…  even a business like mine!


In fact, at times I felt like Thomas was speaking directly to me.  


Onward Ho…!


I left the workshop energized with fresh ideas, a “to-do” list and new friends.  


My only regret is that I did not attend his workshop 25 years ago.  Better late than never — but, a huge mistake to have waited this long.


While this post is pimping Thomas Plummer like a blatant “fan-boy” affiliate marketer, I can assure you I receive no commissions for referrals to consultants.


My rationale is pretty straight forward.  The success of my business is totally dependent on the SUCCESS of YOUR BUSINESS


So, in a funny little way, your attendance to one of his workshops is a one-way “Success Ticket” for both of us!  

For “The Business of Fitness” workshop schedule, please CLICK HERE…

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