The Art of Leadership…


I love this image. Sure, he’s cocky.  


But, for me, it reveals that unmistakable look of confidence often displayed by “natural-born” leaders.


Most people, including me, need to learn leadership skills.  For most of us, leadership is not a “given.” 


It is acquired.


And, even “natural-born” leaders must learn how to control it and leverage their gift to the benefit of those they lead.


Both Men and Women Leaders


Leadership is not gender specific. Talk with men in the military, law enforcement or firefighters who work under female leadership.  They have the utmost respect.


Nope… it has nothing to do with masculinity.


It’s more about character attributes.


Leaders have an air of confidence about them.  Like they always seem to know what they’re doing. Makes it easy to follow them.


They also are capable of processing loads of information very quickly which, in turn, allows them to act decisively and quickly — by instinct.


Do You Know a Leader?


Within our industry there are many professionals I consider “leaders.”  


Shall I name a few?  


Let’s start with these names: Thomas Plummer, Alicia Streger, Sean Greeley, Alwyn Cosgrove… the list could go on and on.


Are each of them natural born leaders?  I don’t know and it doesn’t matter.


Each one of them has proven his or her leadership.  Day after day, month after month, year after year…


Each has a following.  A client base. A tribe.


A group of people who compensate them for their knowledge, experience and, yes, leadership.


Reward the Leaders


One obvious sign of a leader — or a person on his or her way to becoming a leader — is their ability to TAKE ACTION.


I witness it every time I introduce a new product or service.  The ACTION-TAKERS are the same fitness professionals every time.


And, that is precisely why I reward them with preferred “Early Bird” and “Action-Taker” pricing.  


And, the ACTION doesn’t mean they purchased the product.  


Sometimes, the ACTION was in reaching out and asking all the right questions.  And, then, determining if it was a fit.  Sometimes yes. Sometimes no.


Leaders chase things down.  They do NOT let opportunities slide by.  


A Case in Point


I recently introduced our new eCommerce Dropship Program for health and fitness pros.   


I can assure you that the “first adopters” who jumped on the opportunity are leaders — or, leaders in the making.  


I can also assure you that the first 50 fit pros who decided NOT to participate in this program are also leaders.  


It wasn’t a “fit” for them. But, their leadership instincts drove them to chase down the information.  


They were taking action on an opportunity — good or bad.


It’s a Competitive Market


There’s an old saying: “Lead, follow or get out of the way!”


In today’s ultra-competitive fitness market place, YOU must become a leader.  Not just for your clients.  But, as a business owner and employer.


Learn it, embrace it and hone your leadership skills each day. 


Then, watch how your business “magically” achieves new levels of revenue and success!

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