How to Add MASSIVE GROWTH to Your Fitness Business


Do you feel like your fitness business isn’t growing as fast as you’d hoped?


Perhaps you find yourself competing in the “price wars” and forced to offer 4-Week Body Transformation Challenges with a “money-back” guarantee just to maintain some cash flow.


Then, you hope some of the participants will sign-up for longer term packages.


Or, you might be a “whiz kid” on Facebook…


But, the new algorithms have killed the reach and effectiveness of paid ads.


Not to mention Facebook’s seeming bias against “fitness ads” — most especially weight-management.


Nonetheless, you trudge on diligently attempting to spread the word about:

  • What you do
  • Why you’re different
  • How you can really help
  • The benefits your clients feel


But, the message gets drowned out in a sea of mindless noise… —> social media, blogs, websites, podcasts, YouTube channels, instant messaging, television, radio, newspapers, magazines….




Can you honestly put a number to it?


It all brings me back to this:

LIVE EVENT SPEAKING is the absolute #1 BEST WAY to attract new clients and fill ALL of your TRAINING PROGRAMS and SERVICES.




But, the “push-back” I constantly hear is this:


“Art, I’m just not sure it will work for me!”


Listen… I totally “get it!”


But… may I be candid with you?


After thousands of live events and coaching hundreds of fitness professionals to sharpen their presentation skills… I KNOW what holds most people back.


Can You Relate….


See if you can relate to any of these fears:

  • I don’t feel confident in my ability to put a presentation together
  • I don’t think I’m a good speaker
  • I get way too nervous to present anything to anybody
  • What if they ask questions I can’t answer?
  • What if no one shows up?


I also know how it feels to invest a ton of energy into:

  • Booking a presentation
  • Promoting the presentation
  • Spending weeks writing the script
  • Creating visuals
  • Delivering the presentation


… only to find that it didn’t bring in any new clients or revenue!


In the early days, I, too, jumped to the conclusion that speaking and presenting just wasn’t for me… and it didn’t work, anyway!


But, it was NOT TRUE then… and it’s especially NOT TRUE NOW!


Going “Live” is BACK in a BIG WAY


In fact, LIVE PRESENTATIONS are MORE EFFECTIVE and MORE IMPACTFUL today than ever before!




Because of this little known secret. Slowly, but surely, the general public is beginning to experience “digital fatigue.” People are starting to seek real-world physical “connections.”


So, today, a LIVE EVENT PRESENTATION… especially one focused on Weight-Management, Lifestyle and Health — will absolutely draw a crowd and fill a room. Period.


YES..! A room full of qualified, HOT LEADS…. just waiting to be converted into long-term clients!


But that doesn’t mean it’s easy.


Doing It Right


There are specific STRATEGIES and TACTICS that go into creating a SUCCESSFUL LIVE PRESENTATION.


For example, a BIG mistake I made in my early days was the TITLE of my presentation. I called it, “Everything You Should Know About Nutrition.”


It bombed.


As soon as I changed the title to, “Finally… the Truth About Weight Management” my attendance almost tripled.


Another mistake: I delivered way TOO MUCH CONTENT.


I totally overwhelmed my audience with technical stuff they didn’t understand. Some attendees literally got up and walked out!


Once I learned what was important to the audience and presented to their needs, my conversions went through the roof.


And, oh brother… I had no follow-up.


After I developed a follow-up plan, an additional 20% of attendees who didn’t convert the night of the presentation signed-up to our program within two weeks.


Once you learn these specific strategies and tactics:

  • You’ll never, EVER chase clients again
  • You’ll never compete on price again
  • You’ll wonder why you waited so long to do this!


So, yes, I have a package that will save you a ton of time since everything is done-for-you.


It’s the Weight-Management & Lifestyle Seminar Kit.


But, you can develop your own materials for your own particular niche.




Be the Market Leader and Authority


The health and fitness space is incredibly competitive.


Every year, literally thousands of new personal trainers, new studios and new clubs open for business. But, less than .001% of fitness professionals ever present anything.


Just think about that.


If you have the will and “TAKE ACTION” attitude to stand-up and present… you can literally DOMINATE your market area as the authority, the leader, the “go-to” professional of your particular niche.


Check out this VIDEO… There are two ACTIONS the most successful trainers will take over the next 2 years.


Live presentations is the FIRST ONE…