Too Old to be a Fitness Trainer?

There’s a saying among “seasoned” business professionals that goes:

“Old age and treachery will
trump youth and skill..”


New research as well as some of our own sales statistics indicate there’s some truth in this adage.


When I started this company in 1988, the average age of our customer/fitness professional was 28.  It seemed that fitness professionals in their 40’s and 50’s just didn’t exist (unless they were club owners).


Today, we sell to numerous trainers in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and, yes, 70’s — both male and female.  And they are extremely successful.  In fact, many of them made career changes from Corporate America to the Fitness Universe.


Along with their career change came their business skill sets — which quite often explains their understanding of marketing, branding, operations and ultimate financial success.


Here’s another reason for their success:  The aging Gen-X and Baby-Boomer population often prefers to work with trainers and other fitness professionals who are their same age.  Someone who “walks in their shoes” and understands them.  Peers.


So, if you’re a fitness professional in your late 40’s or older...  hang on to your hat.  The future is bright!

— No need for treachery!

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