How To Create Multiple Profit Streams for Your Fitness Business

I’m sure you’ve noticed… it’s a very noisy world out there!


Internet, Social Media, Radio, TV, Magazines, Billboards, Videos, Direct Mail, Live Events, Newspapers… and the list goes on and on… 


Everyone is trying to be noticed


Everyone is attempting to attract customers and buyers.


So, please believe me when I tell you this: 


To compete in this hyper-competitive market, you must at all times be your own BRAND EVANGELIST!

It’s a FACT..!


It’s absolutely imperative for health and fitness professionals to embrace this Marketing 101 Lesson. 


Here’s a fact:


Both quantitative and qualitative research have repeatedly revealed a HUGE difference in perception and impression when a prospect sees a health professional wearing his/her own logo as opposed to a Nike, UA or even an unbranded shirt.


The “wear any old logo” or “sell any old brand of products” does NOT WORK in today’s modern fitness environment.


It’s especially true among small clubs and independent studios where the environment is so sales-driven that branding is often overlooked by even the best trainers.  


There’s no question our industry struggles with branding.  Especially in today’s hyper-competitive market. 

  • Is it laziness?
  • Is it too expensive?
  • Do fit pros not know THEY ARE the BRAND?
  • Are they “too cool” to be wearing their own company branded polo?
  • Do they see no value in a BRANDED PRO SHOP..? 

What the Experts Say…


From new-age marketing gurus like Gary V., Simon Sinek and Seth Godin to classical marketers like Richard Branson, Dan Kennedy and Al Ries — they all advocate getting your brand logo and brand message out there at EVERY OPPORTUNITY.


Yes… at every single opportunity a health professional should be imprinting his/her BRAND / LOGO.



Even the Coke delivery guy is wearing an embroidered shirt with the Coca-Cola brand.  And, he delivers in a Coca-Cola branded truck.

Beyond Your Website


Most health professionals do a decent job of branding in the digital world including their websites, blogs and social media.


But, what about the physical world?


This is where branding falls flat with nothing much more than outdoor signage.


Believe it or not, this non-branding in the physical world is even worse than you might think.  It creates a vacuum.   And, all vacuums will be filled. 


When this happens, not only have you missed the opportunity to reinforce YOUR BRAND, but, by creating a vacuum, you provide an opportunity for someone else to fill it and IMPRINT THEIR BRAND.

Who Are You Endorsing? 


Here’s an example of the vacuum being filled.  


Let’s say you carry a line of XYZ brand nutritional supplements in your facility.  Being a fitness expert, you are indirectly endorsing THEIR BRAND – and building trust for THEM – not YOU!


Here’s why:


Your clients see YOU as the “go-to” expert on all things “Health and Fitness.” 


Therefore, if YOU carry “XYZ Supplements” it stands to reason that your clients believe you’ve researched and stand behind this product line. 


BAM..!  As a health and fitness expert, you’ve just endorsed XYZ Supplements — for FREE!


XYZ  Supplements just filled the vacuum because YOU did NOT offer your own brand of supplements. 


Further, XYZ Supplements can be purchased almost anywhere including, Ebay and other supplement sites… for less than you charge. 


So, you have no exclusivity, no price protection and have squandered a terrific profit generating and branding opportunity


Not to mention, as stated above, you’ve indirectly given your endorsement to their product line for FREE — which enhances the integrity of THEIR BRANDNOT YOURS!


It’s a double-whammy. 


You’ve diluted YOUR BRAND and enhanced THEIR BRAND.  Do you see how the vacuum was filled..?


This begs the question: “Why not carry YOUR OWN Branded Line of Supplements?”

Keep Going


It doesn’t stop at nutritional supplements.  Just imagine how happy the brand managers at Nike, Reebok and Under Armor are when clubs and studios stock their pro shops with racks full of NIKE, REEBOK and UA BRANDED APPAREL.  


Honestly… they laugh all the way to the bank!


Here again, the REVENUE and BRANDING OPPORTUNITIES are typically missed by most clubs and studios.


Should I mention the “walking billboard” effect when clients are wearing YOUR BRAND throughout the community?


So, again, it’s a double-whammy.   The “home” brand is diluted because the national brand is being enhanced and endorsed.


The vacuum was filled.


I could go on and on with example after example.  But instead, let’s discuss this….


How to Optimize Your Brand / Business


Before I get into multiple profit streams… let me ask you a question:


How often do you go to the grocery store?  


If you’re like most people, the likely answer is once a week.


So…. how often do people visit your studio or club? 


Twice a week?  Three times per week?  Five days a week?


Here’s the point.  In terms of pure TRAFFIC NUMBERS… you have an incredible opportunity to showcase and expose your clients and members to all of your branded offerings.  Most businesses would kill to have this level of “FREQUENCY” numbers and opportunities to interact with their customers.

Swim in the Shark Tank


Imagine you’re ready to retire and need to pitch a prospective buyer of your business.  Or, better yet, imagine you’re on The Shark Tank…


You’d totally get their attention (and the investment) if you could tell them this:

“Beyond the recurring revenue from memberships as well as additional value-added services, we also generate revenue from our own BRANDED LINES of:

  • Branded Super-Premium Nutritional Supplements – We carry our own exclusive BRANDED LINE of 20 nutritional products specifically developed for athletes and active lifestyle enthusiasts.  They are available at our club and can also be purchased on our website.
  • Branded Apparel – We stock our pro-shop with our own exclusive BRANDED LINE of Polo Shirts, T-Shirts, Tanks, Leggings, Yoga Pants, Hoodies, Caps, Jackets and Tote Bags.  They are available at our club and can also be purchased on our website.
  • Branded Energy/Nutrition Bars – To compliment our branded line of nutritional supplements, we also offer our own exclusive BRANDED LINE of Energy Bars including  High Protein Bars, High Fiber Bars, Gluten Free Bars and Paleo Bars.  They are available at our club and can also be purchased on our website.
  • Branded Fitness AccessoriesWe also produce and sell our own exclusive BRANDED LINE of both physical and digital accessories including
    • Exercise and nutrition workout logs (physical)
    • Family recipe books (physical)
    • High-end thermo-insulated water bottles (physical)
    • Weight-management curriculum (digital)
    • Fitness apps (digital)
    • Online fitness workout (digital membership)

“Plus… we cohesively support our brand by imprinting it throughout our physical location via:

  • Outdoor facility signage
  • Wall Murals
  • Window Clings
  • Equipment Hang Tags

“Further, we keep our members, clients and customers engaged with our brand through:

  • Automated Newsletters
  • Instagram
  • Facebook and Facebook groups
  • Website blog engagement
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Welcome Kits (upon membership and/or training package purchase)
  • Subscription Boxes (based on premium package purchases)


Walk, Talk and Be a True Fit Pro

Sure, this is the “ideal” of a branded club or studio.   And, yes, it takes money to do all of this.


But, here’s my real point.  


If you truly want to build your business and your brand… you’ve got to COMMIT.


And, you’ve got to start somewhere…. even if it’s just a set of coffee mugs.  START NOW…!


Your existing and prospective clients all notice — even if they don’t verbalize it.  They know a committed professional when they see one.


It’s as simple as that.

If you’d like a free assessment of your branding or help with building it... Please CLICK HERE…

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