How Could You Allow Your Most Important Client to Remain So De-conditioned and Sedentary?



Oh my God..! 


There he is.. again.   Just sitting there. Doing NOTHING!


How in the world did it ever get to this point. 


After all, there was a time — in the beginning — when you both were really excited to get started.  You were on FIRE..!


But, then, somewhere along the way, you BOTH became complacent.


You probably feel a little guilty.   You should. 


After all, isn’t it YOUR responsibility to keep your most important client energized and motivated?


And now, despite the fact that he shows up every single day, your most important client isn’t even close to the goals you agreed upon.  In fact, maybe in the worse shape, ever!


It’s truly a shame.


Is this happening because your other clients require more of your attention and interaction.


Maybe, it’s because you’ve simply lost interest in your most important client because he isn’t living up to your expectations.


You probably don’t notice — (and, they’ll never tell you)but, all of your less important clients are well aware of the broken relationship. 


Most don’t care.  But, there are others who certainly wonder what went wrong.  And, still others who actually question YOUR COMMITMENT to your most important client.


The truth is, this situation simply can NOT continue. 


It’s up to YOU to fix the RELATIONSHIP with your most important client. 


It’s up to YOU to get your most important client re-motivated, re-energized and on FIRE again…. just like in the beginning.


The consequences of allowing your most important client to remain de-conditioned and sedentary will literally spell the END of YOUR BUSINESS…


You’ve probably already figured out I’m speaking metaphorically. 


Your most important client is YOUR BRAND… and indirectly… YOU!


Your BRAND is a symbol that represents YOU and everything for which you stand.


How We Got Here…


If you feel you’re not branding very well… don’t feel badly. 


Quick research would reveal more than 90% of all clubs, studios and independent trainers are not branding their businesses very well.   


And, that includes some popular franchises!


Listen… this is NOT to judge, blame or shame.


But, branding —  or simply imprinting a logo is super important on several levels. 


For businesses… it’s Marketing 101.  


Our industry has become so “sales-driven” over that last 10 years that it has not only diluted its identity… but, in many ways — forgotten it’s own purpose.


Just look at all the low-ball pricingacross the board.   


The constant drum beat of “GET MORE CLIENTS” is deafening as the fitness landscape becomes overly saturated and hyper-competitive — with “carnival barker” sales tactics and schemes.


Is it any wonder that BRANDING is in such sad shape?


Your BRAND is a Mindset


When you look across Facebook, IG, LinkedIn and other social media platforms you’ll see thousands of trainer and other fitness professional “selfies.”


Right there, you can literally identify those who are BRAND EVANGELISTS and those who aren’t. 


Do they sport their own logos on their shirts or are they wearing Nike, UA or other logos?



Seems like a small thing, right?  


But it’s not.   It’s an immediate indicator of the mindset.


Here’s the God’s Honest TRUTH…   


  If you walk into a studio and see logos and branding on the walls, windows, doors…


  If the entire staff (and even a few members) are wearing branded apparel like T-Shirts, Sweat Pants, Hoodies….


  If the studio has it’s own line of branded supplements, bars and accessories… 


  If the studio’s branded website  and branded social media platforms constantly engage members with credible, actionable information like branded recipes (logo on the header), branded research (logo on the header), branded health tips and checklists (logo on the header), etc.


  If the studio conducts brand outreach with it’s branded seminars and/or workshops….


…. then I can absolutely guarantee you are witnessing a “SUCCESS MINDSET.”  


It looks and feels like a business destined to do BIG THINGS…


And, it will!


Throughout 2019, you are going to hear, see and feel me pounding on two (2) distinct themes (tactics).




Yes, of course, there will be plenty of tactics that feed into these themes and I will tackle each one of them as the year progresses.  


This is pure MARKETING.


I realize how self-serving this may seem since it’s the entire nature of my company to help fitness professionals brand their businesses.


But, from my heart, I want you to know this: 


I started with this exact same business model (private labeling) over 30 years ago.  And, never has BRANDING been more important than right now. 


Especially for the small independent business owner.


With millions of websites, blogssocial media platforms, the onslaught of video marketing, etc.—  the world is  noisier than it’s ever been.  I mean by 10X.  


To elevate your business… your brand needs to rise above the noise with a cohesive message and voice.  Period.   


At the very least, that means applying and imprinting your BRAND/LOGO on as many things as humanly possible!


First things first.  Start with your own mindset. 


Just remember WHO your most important client truly is!  



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