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Yes… yes, it’s the giving season.  


And, I’m ALL IN…!


Here’s what I mean.


Over the years I’ve created hundreds of marketing tools for YOUR USE.  



Pay it Forward

Long before it was trendy to “Pay it Forward” it’s always been my “thing” to give back to the Health & Fitness Community.  Quite frankly, in the traditional marketing space, it’s sort of a quid pro quo.  Ya gotta give to get!”

The Bonus Wall…

But, these tools are scattered all over my website.  So, I decided to build a “DEPOSITORY” of all the BEST STUFF!  My team started to call it “the wall.”   But, since everything is free... we decided to call it the BONUS WALL!


I hope you love it.  You may already have a bunch of these files. 

But, I’m constantly creating new:

  • videos
  • tutorials 
  • handouts 
  • images & graphics 
  • recipes
  • re-printable research
  • re-usable blog posts

… and tons of other digital content all the time.    It’s all FREE..!  

And, if you want us to BRAND it with YOUR LOGO, we’ll do for a super small fee.

So, BOOKMARK this page! as I’ll be posting to it on regular basis.

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