How to Blow It Up with Your Own Content..!


A while back I went to visit some friends at their studio in S. California.  


Up on the wall was a 65″ flat screen TV with the ONBOARD 101 displayed on the screen.  Wow… it looked very professional and impressive.


During a private one-on-one or small group session, they display the current chapter on the “big screen.”  


Typically viewed during “cool down” and is a HUGE VALUE to their programming.


About a week later I found out that one of our fitness partners who teaches ONBOARD 101 as a classroom curriculum ($199) streams all her ONBOARD 101 videos and web content on a 72″ big screen TV for their weekly classroom sessions


And, a couple of our corporate clients do the same thing.



If you have a flat screen TV, you can do it, too.  With ChromeCast.



It’s only $35 (or less on eBay) and well worth the investment. 


It will allow you to stream anything on the internet up to your flat screen.


And, of course, for a little more money you can get Apple TV and stream all kinds of content into your studio.


So… just think about this: 


If you have your own organized YouTube Channel, you could be streaming your channel throughout your studio or club with YOUR CONTENT. 


Besides content, you could run promotions, contests, announcements… all kinds of interesting things that keep people informed.  Like this VIDEO…


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