Why Health Coaches and Fit Pros Must Move to Online Content Marketing

Can You Relate to this..?


Most successful fit pros and health coaches don’t have TIME to constantly update their own websites.


After all, they’re successful because they’re laser-focused on running their businesses… not the least of which is training clients, managing staff and a dozen other DAILY duties!


Even if they WANT to update their sites, they don’t possess the technical skills to deploy:

  • Opt-in and lead capturing forms
  • Converting landing pages
  • Email service integration
  • eCommerce and payment gateways
  • Membership and subscription functions


Time & Money


So, they hire a web developer.  But, that’s typically time consuming and way too expensive


And, frankly, most web developers don’t fully understand the health and fitness business.


The Truth…  


An active, engaging website requires a ton of time, effortand money.  The same three elements that most health and fitness professionals simply don’t have. 


So, their websites remain static/silent — like an electronic brochure —  with the same content as when it was first built.


Ask yourself: “Other than schedules and prices, when was the last time you updated your own website?”


Facebook by Default


Today, thousands of health professionals rely 100% on Facebook, Instagram and other social media to engage with existing clients —  and hopefully find new ones


It’s just easier.  And, it’s free.  So, for thousands of trainers, studios and small clubs, it’s a great strategy.  


Things are Changing FAST!


But, with the new Facebook algorithms:

  • Organic reach is dead.
  • Groups have been throttled.
  • Paid advertising is cost prohibitive


Yes, even paid advertising no longer delivers a reasonable ROI for small businesses.


The fact is, Facebook — along with other social media platforms — have all the power.


They can change the rules, increase the rates, reject your ads and do whatever they want — whenever they want. 


As a result, entire marketing campaigns, client engagements and conversions are literally at the mercy of Facebook!



The Experts Are Aware


This dilemma of DIMINISHING RETURNS is not lost among the world’s top internet marketers


The trailblazers, who led the way with social media marketing, now see a trend of unfavorable metrics.


They also realize the importance of WHO controls their CONTENT.


So, today’s internet marketing “mastermind” meetings are all about developing alternative “work-arounds” that do NOT rely so heavily on 3rd-party platforms like Facebook. 


It’s a Shift


Don’t misunderstand.  Facebook and all social media platforms are here to stay. 


And, the top marketers will continue to use them.


However, there is a SHIFT toward more reliable and controllable marketing vehicles. 


What the Top Marketers Know…


Top marketers are interested in one thingCONVERSION.


And, if you’re in the health and fitness business, that’s what you should be interested in, too!


The Conversion Strategy


Internet marketers are NOT interested in “LIKES” or “SHARES.” 


Instead, they are 100% focused on SALES METRICS — and how to PUSH those metrics as high as they can.


It’s a purposeful strategy specifically designed to constantly and consistently REDIRECT traffic to the one place where CONVERSIONS take place. 




The best website design strategies are all about converting:

  • Prospects into Clients
  • Existing Clients into Referral Sources
  • Budget Programs into Value-Added Packages


Conversion Starts With Content


Just think about how you approach a new product or service.  Rarely is it a “one-off” event.


Even trying a new restaurant.  These days the technically-savvy go to Yelp and read the reviews.  


From there, they may jump to the restaurant’s own website.  They will scan the menu.  They will check out the photos of the food... the ambiance and testimonials.  


Many will go even deeper to learn about the owners (about us).  Perhaps there’s an interesting backstory about how the establishment started. 


And, then the chef.  Perhaps he or she has a philosophy on how they prepare their meals.  Or, maybe he or she is a specialist in Italian or Greek or Asian Fusion cooking.  


Do you see the impact of CONTENT.  I mean real useful and actionable CONTENT.



Most restaurant websites are lame.  There’s nothing actionable or interactive about them.  They should have downloadable recipes.  They should have interactive menu suggestions.  They should even have audio downloads and videos on how to prepare some of their signature dishes and cocktails. They should have reviews on “best kitchen utensils.”   


Just these few things would elevate a restaurant as expert, authority and market leader…  best-of-the-best!  It also would make their website sticky-as-glue resulting in converting web visitors into loyal patrons…  —>  CONTENT!!!  



It’s the Same Process for Health & Fitness Professionals


Once upon a time…   the role of a fitness trainer, studio or health club was to offer expertise on how to exercise (and maybe eat properly).  And, to offer a space in which to pursue that endeavor.


“Here’s how to perform this exercise.  Let’s do ten reps.”


“Here’s a nutritious menu plan.  It will help you lose weight.”


Many big box clubs don’t even offer that much.  Just a cheap membership to a room full of equipment — let the chaos begin!


Yes, we’ve reconfigured the basic premise with one-on-one training, small group training, complete packages (individualized exercise and nutrition) and all kinds of different programs that essentially say the same thing, “Exercise and Eat Right.” 


New Market Reality for Top Fit Pros and Health Coaches

Today’s consumers are smart.  They know how to navigate the web to find the information they want.

They also know how conduct research for their own health and wellbeing.

Smarter, tech-savvy consumers present a new market reality for health professionals.

This is a HUGE topic moving forward.   But, I can tell you:

It all starts with relevant and actionable CONTENT. 


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