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There I was…  standing in a dimly lit conference room… in front of an audience of 12 investors.


My palms were sweaty, my head pounding, my heart ready to burst out of my chest —  and I felt nauseous, like I was about to throw-up. 


Seriously, I thought I was going to drop dead on the spot!




Well, you see, I needed money.  Lots of money.


I was developing some of the world’s first nutrition software (the MAP System) and I wanted to be “first to market.”  After all, “first mover advantage” is HUGE in the software market place.  


I had lots of well-wishers.  Lots of fitness professional friends who had beta tested the system. 


And, I had a family who loved me and believed in me. 


But, I’d NEVER done THIS before. 


Nope…  I’d never, ever presented a “dog & pony” show asking for money  — from a group of complete strangers.


Sure, I knew my stuff.   My presentation was well rehearsed. 


But, I Wasn’t Really Ready  


I’d not researched the “needs” of an investor or what motivates him or her to invest (beyond ROI). 


So just as I started to speak, my inner voice was screaming…“Nooo…! I’m not ready yet!”   


I mean, what the hell am I doing…? 


Couldn’t I reschedule for later?  When I was more prepared? When I felt more READY?


Aughhh!   But, I needed the money or the project would die – and I’d literally be out looking for a job.


Here’s the truth…


You’ll never feel ready if you listen to your FEAR-BASED MIND.


Within two-minutes of the presentation, I’d shut down my inner voice.


I made a quick decision from my heart that I was going to go for it, BIG TIME.


I knew I’d regret it if I let fear, insecurity and a lack of readiness hold me back from funding this project — something I was passionate about and totally believed in. 


More importantly, I knew this was “make it” or “break it” time.  And, I needed to come out on top!


Think about it… 


Here Were My Options….


I was either going to move forward and create something wonderful… or I’d be taking a giant step backwards.. into some job, somewhere.


Plus, I’d be disappointing friends, family and fitness professionals who also believed in the project — and me. 


So, I took a deep breath and plowed through that presentation and skillfully navigated through the intense Q&A session. 


And guess what?


I absolutely CRUSHED IT!


Sweet Success!


Yes…. every single one of those investors came up to me, smiled, shook my hand and assured me, “We’ll be talking.”




WOW… I did it!  I overcame my fear.  I pushed through it.


This was a game-changer. (That was 24 years ago).


And, even though I didn’t know it, I gained something even more important than the money.


I learned that making the DECISION to say “YES” to my dreams:

… even before I think I’m ready… 

… even when my FEAR-BASED inner voice is screaming NO!…

… even when I’m way OUTSIDE my comfort zone…

—> would become KEY to my own personal and professional successes. 


The DECISION to start before I was ready  –  to push forward against my fear-based inner voice – transformed the entire course of my business and my personal life.


Since then, I’ve discovered this is true of many successful fitness professionals, health coaches and true entrepreneurs across the spectrum.


Even today, I continue to use the Start Before You’re Ready strategy. 


And, I attempt to instill this “MINDSET” into anyone who will listen.


It’s one of the biggest secrets to success there is!  I bet you have proof of this in your own life, too. 


Haven’t some of your best experiences come because you bypassed your “I’m not ready yet,” thoughts and made a brave choice in the direction toward your true passion and heart-felt desire?


My guess is YES…  You started a business…. right?


Your Success is Your Choice…  



I want to share this with you because the “path” toward success becomes clear once you understand that success is a choice.


Your choice!


If you decide to continually “play it safe” and to “run with the herd” you’ll reach a certain level and plateau


It happens all the time – in all businesses.   


Once a fitness business reaches a certain number of clients or members.  It becomes complacent.  It starts to play it “safe.


And, if that’s where you want your business to “live” then, so be it.


On the other hand, if you want to continually grow and reach new levels, then, a different decision is at hand.


Take the Leap!


I’m sharing this with you because right now there is a major shift in how health and fitness professionals will be marketing their businesses in the very near future.


As social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and others become less effective and cost prohibitive the new direction is all about “CONTENT MARKETING.”


I’ve written about it here….   and here….   


This is a great time to see how you handle the “Start Before You’re Ready” strategy…. because it’s definitely coming.


Already Committed…


True to this mindset, for the last year, I’ve fully fully invested my company in this new direction… even though I didn’t feel “ready” when we deployed.


The Digital Welcome Kit platformOnboard 101 Curriculum, and eCommerce/Dropship platform are all forms of the “new marketing” for health and fitness professionals.  


The Branded Advantage in Content Marketing


Today, less than one (1) out of every 5,000 (0.02%) of all health clubs, gyms and studios carry their own brand of nutritional supplements — or any type of branded products whatsoever (physical content).




But, over the next few years, as competition heats up and multiple profit centers become crucial to survival, the numbers are going to change — radically.  I already know this. 


So, I committed mentally, emotionally and financially to all three platforms even though they are way out in front of the marketing curve. 


And, if you have one of these customized websites… well, CONGRATULATIONS!  


YOU, too, are way out in front of your competitors —  even though you weren’t really ready… and didn’t quite know what to expect.


All three of these marketing platforms are ahead of their time since they totally focus not only on content marketing, but, on branded content marketing.”


Of course, the Onboard 101 platform is the ultimate — not only as a content marketing platform  — but, as a revenue generator as well.


One of my fitness partners with a huge following has generated more than $500,000 with the Onboard 101 platform.


And… she will be the first to tell you this: “I wasn’t ready when I launched it!”


How to Stay Ahead of the Pack…


I know most fitness trainers and health coaches are not doing much “content marketing” … yet!  And, even less are doing any kind of “branded content marketing.”


But, it’s coming.


And, now that YOU know it’s coming, perhaps you’re thinking:  “I’m Not Ready Yet! “


So, I invite you to challenge yourself.


I invite you to challenge your inner voice.


I invite you push yourself NOW…. Yup, before you’re even ready!


Because a year from now, you’ll either still be treading water… 


Or you’ll be on higher ground, making a better living with solid clients and with more impact on their lives.


From my heart, I cannot wait for you to GRAB the leadership position from all competitors and drive your business to an all new high — on several different levels.


The real secret to living up to your highest potential is to always  —>  start before you’re ready.

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