How Fit Pros and Health Coaches Crush It With This ONE TACTIC..!


Listen…. I know you’re passionate about your fitness business.   


And totally, committed. 


But, like so many fit pros, coaches, studio and club owners…. you’re always under-the-gun to get more clients


I mean it’s a constant pressure that can leave you feeling a bit defeated — especially when traffic slows down. 


[ “If only they’d just walk through the door and enroll into my programs!” ]


When I owned and operated our MediCorp Weight-Management and Lifestyle consulting business, I remember thinking… “Why is getting new clients so hard?  Especially, when we help them feel so good!”


But, getting new clients doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. In fact, I have a proven solution for you.


Give a “Talk”


Yes… that’s right. You’ve probably heard me say this before.   


Give a talk on Weight-Management. 


I will go so far as to say, giving a simple, credible talk on Weight-Management is the absolute #1 BEST WAY to attract NEW CLIENTS and FILL YOUR PROGRAMS.


With over 30 years in the fitness industry, I’ve yet to see ANYTHING convert prospects into NEW CLIENTS as well as a credible, informative Talk or Presentation.


Heck yes…. I know that speaking is scary… intimidating… you’d rather die than speak.  


You (and everyone else) have all these inner fears such as:

  • I don’t know where to begin
  • I don’t know how to write a compelling talk
  • I don’t think I’m a good speaker
  • What if no one shows up?
  • I’ve given talks before, but I didn’t get any clients from them


I totally understand these fears…  I “get it!”


I used to have them myself.  I still do!


So, I know first-hand how these self-defeating thoughts live inside your head and prevent you from achieving any kind of real success!


But take it from me.  Here’s the truth:


Once you learn the process for giving effective talks, you’ll find that you’re excited to use this powerful tactic over and over again.


A Guaranteed “SYSTEM”


Truthfully, there is a specific protocol to giving effective talks.


It’s not complicated.  But, it’s really important.


Once you learn it, you’ll soon see new prospects lining-up to train with you.


That’s exactly what happened to me and my business many years ago. (details here)


This protocol actually became a “system” that I was able to duplicate.


And, use over and over again at:

  • any location
  • any event
  • any time 


And, even today, this same exact system continues to drive a ton of new clients to a small exclusive group of fitness professionals and health coaches who have already learned it.


Break Away from the Herd..!

Today, more than 99% of health and fitness professionals spend all their time, effort and money on:

  • social media…
  • email campaigns…
  • marketing funnels
  • direct mail…


In fact, they put their energies toward everything —> EXCEPT actually getting in front of an audience… 


It makes no sense.   So, why not ditch the herd?


YOU can use a guaranteed “system” to break away from the herd  —  and set yourself apart from all of your competitors…  PERIOD.


Bonus Tip – Rule #1 


Obviously, I can’t give away the entire SYSTEM (that’s what I sell).  But, I will share with you a bonus tip.


Here’s the #1 mistake I made early on when speaking.


It’s the same blunder I see fit pros and coaches make time and time again.


Content Overload!


Most speakers (including me) simply overwhelm their audiences with too much information.  


I remember my preparation.   I’d get overly focused on this single thought: 


I MUST prove myself.  The more content I share, the more likely that people will see me as an expert.”


After all, I knew that giving talks, belly-to-belly, eyeball-to-eyeball, was the best way to build trust.   It still is.


Therefore, I wanted my talks to convince my audience that I was THE EXPERT who could help them.


The Consequences…


The problem with giving too much content is that instead of giving a talk that excites your audience and motivates them to want to work with you…. they become overwhelmed. 


They simply can NOT PROCESS that much content in a single sitting.  They roll their eyes back in utter confusion.


It’s not the enlightening, motivational experience we want them to have!


Instead, they walk away from the experience thinking it’s all too complicated and too complex to even attempt.


Instead of building a bridge, content overload builds a wall between you and your audience.


What Kind of Coach?


Think about the coaches with whom you’ve worked (business coach, athletic coach, life coach, therapist, spiritual advisor, etc.). 


What type of coaches and coaching are you attracted to? 


  • Are you drawn toward the technical wizards who pile on a ton of information, mechanics, schematics, biomechanics, reading lists, etc?


  • Or, are you more attracted toward the experts who share a digestible amount of content and are able to break down the information into step-by-step chunks — and then coach and incentivize you through each level?


If you’re like me – and about 90% of the world, you’d choose the latter.


Keep it Simple


As a health professional, you absolutely DO possess some incredibly valuable information.   And, with your passion and commitment, you’re literally chomping-on-the-bit to share this information during your talks.


You even want to reveal some of your BEST tips and strategies.


But, there’s the rub.   You simply can’t share it all.  Not right now.


Instead, you must exercise restraint and find a balance between information and motivation.


During your talk or presentation you should only offer three (3) to five (5) information points.


For example: 

  • the myth of restricted calorie dieting (why the math doesn’t work – body adaptation)
  • the difference between pounds-on-the-scale and body-composition
  • the magic of increased metabolism (how to achieve real results!)


Each of the above topics might have 5-10 little info nuggets (chunks) below them.   


With just those three topics, you could provide a 30-45 minute presentation or talk!


Actionable Value


Each of those topics contains a wealth of information that most consumers don’t really know or understand.  And, it’s actionable information! 


By doing this, you give your audience just enough information to provide real value …   while, at the same time, leaving them wanting more.


That’s the exact audience experience you want! 


“Please, I Want More..!”


Your successful talk should leave your “warm audience” itching to learn more. 


And, better yet, more than 50% of your audience will be itching to work with you!


Yes, that’s right.  Successful presentations on Weight-Management typically generate more than 50% conversions!


We’ve proven this over and over again (details


High Conversion Rates

Let me be 100% clear why your talk and/or presentation will generate such crazy high conversion rates (from 50 to 80%)!


  • ATTENDEES:  The truth is, the mere fact that a person attends your talk or presentation automatically pre-qualifies him or her as a “hot lead.”


  • HOT LEADS:  Think about it.  If they weren’t interested in what you have to say… they simply wouldn’t show-up!  So, in essence, you are speaking to a room full of pre-qualified “hot leads.”


  • TRUSTED EXPERT:  Next, after you’ve delivered credible explanations with actionable information, on your specific weight-management topics, you will have, indeed, proven yourself as an expert who can be trusted. 


  • HUMAN NATURE:  When it comes to self-improvement, (education, athletics, wealth, weight-management) most people know they need a coach to help guide them and provide expertise.  After your talk, they will know that by working with you, they will be able to truly achieve results.


  • CONVERSION OPPORTUNITY:  This is where the entire process and system culminates.  If, after your talk/presentation, you provide an opportunity and incentive for the attendees to enroll in one of your programs… they will! 


Topics, Script and Powerpoint


Listen, with just a few tools, you can create an awesome presentation. 


Just get your topics arranged in your mind and write out a script.  Remember… not too technical.


Then, add some visuals to your script using Powerpoint or other graphics application — and you’re off to a great start.


If it’s a stand alone presentation or talk (recommended) then you’ll need to spend some time, effort and money to promote it.  In fact, the promotion is almost more important than the presentation, itself.   


Remember… if they attend, they are “hot leads.”  So:

  • the more you promote 
  • the more hot leads 
  • the more hot leads 
  • the more conversions!


The Accelerated System


  • If you’ve been doubting yourself, and your ability to grow your business… 


  • If you simply don’t possess the copywriting and graphic design skills to create an effective presentation…


  • If you’re already time-crunched and will never be able to dedicate the required focus to create a talk or presentation….


… then, I can help you turn that around almost overnight with my complete, proven Done-For-You System.


Giving a talk/presentation is EXACTLY what I teach you, in detail, with the Weight-Management & Lifestyle Seminar Kit.


—  EVERYTHING you need to promote and deliver a super-professional presentation called: “Finally the TRUTH About Weight-Management.”


And, now for the entire month of July, I’m adding four (4) one-on-one coaching sessions with me (via Skype, Zoom or phone) to help create your own unique talk/presentation. 


To learn more about this incredible, done-for-you, branded seminar kit, please CLICK HERE…


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