How to Create an Instant Up-Sell



Here’s a note I received from Anthony Leister, one of our fitness partners.  He owns 2 boutique studios that cater to the 35+ crowd.


Hey Art,


This may be perceived as a bait and switch, although I personally see it as helping my members get the results they came here for.  It is becoming known around my sales staff as the “instant upsell.”


Briefly, here’s how we present ourselves.


We provide a tour of our facilities and qualify a potential member so we can show the best equipment, services and membership packages for that particular prospect.  We are very successful at converting prospects into members.


In all sales offices, we have 4 huge posters that outline our Body Transformation Programs.  They have bullets that pretty much explain everything and at the bottom is the price. 


The programs are “Jump-Start” for $99.  Then, we have the Jack ‘n Jill program (group) for $299, the Gold Medal Program for $499 and the Ultimate Challenge at $1,199.


During the new membership enrollment process, our sales staff turn the computer screen toward the new client and play our ONBOARD 101 videos  while they complete the paperwork.


In the last 6 months, we have converted more than 75% of our normal new client prospects into upscale Body Transformaton clients — on top of the membership package.  Yes, we sell “memberships” and “packages.”


The breakout is:

  • Jump-Start = 22%
  • Jack ‘n Jill = 48%
  • Gold Medal = 23%
  • Mt Everest = 2%


I can’t even begin to tell you how effective those videos are. 


New clients watch the videos then look at the posters and before the paper work is completed, have up-sold themselves into an additional program


No hard selling.  Just a few minutes of video education does it!


Thanks for creating such an effective up-sell machine!





Video continues to give marketers an advantage.  While most experts are talking about video on social media, Anthony uses it “in-house” to create his upsells.  This is just smart marketing. 

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