I Don’t Care About Your Results


Yes, yes…. I know.  All the top health and fitness marketers advocate the sales technique of selling “RESULTS” to your prospective clients.


And, don’t get me wrong, “RESULTS” should be discussed during your sales presentation.  But, there’s something even MORE EFFECTIVE.  And, it will close more deals, generate more referrals and create more opportunities than anything else.


The top grossing 6-figure fitness trainers and health coaches have known about this technique for years – and don’t often share it.


But I will.


Results Are Over-rated


In order to explain this technique, it’s important to understand why a single focus on RESULTS is over-rated. 


In marketing circles, we often discuss “customer expectations” and especially those that are a “given.”  


In the health and fitness world, in the customer’s view, RESULTS are a given.  RESULTS are “baked-in” to the value-proposition that placed them in front of you in the first place.


Do you think a person walks into your facility with no expectation of RESULTS? 


And, among health and fitness providers, RESULTS is a commodity.  Everybody promises RESULTS.  They demonstrate it with before and after pictures, testimonials, videos, etc.


Again, I’m not saying you shouldn’t do these things.  You should.  But, it’s NOT the most IMPORTANT THING.


Be Different


So, if RESULTS are a “given” and a “commodity” offered by all professionals, then, what will set you apart?



Yup, that’s right.  I said it.  I won’t get all “touchy – feely” with you, here.   But, that’s the secret!  The top grossing health and fitness professionals in the world understand this principle of human behavior. 


People just want to be loved.  They want to feel like someone cares about them.  They want to be validated.  They want to be recognized.


Understanding this, and acting on it, is what sets you apart from everyone else. 


The Letter…


Rather than going on and talking about it, let me share with you a letter that clearly demonstrates this selling technique. This letter was created with one of my consulting clients. It is very powerful!


Her name is Beth Ann Wiley and she’s one of the most successful and effective health coach professionals I know. 


She’s been at it a while and has more than 100 ongoing clients who pay her a monthly EFT fees for all kinds of various services – from one-on-one training to online and phone coaching.   She is, in fact, a true 6-figure personal trainer and health coach.


The letter I’m sharing with you is her “Welcome Letter” to all new clients.  But, it can be modified into almost any kind of correspondence with prospects, partners, vendors, corporate, etc.  Just use a little creativity… Here’s an excerpt from her letter…


Now, I want to say something very important to you. You may think this is cruel, insensitive, or at the very least, a bad business decision. I hope you’re sitting down because this may hurt.   O.K. here goes: I Don’t Care About Your Results!


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