Secrets of the Private Client Health Coach



Even though Janice Noble, a 40 year-old Health Coach from Chicago, is not a “famous” trainer, she’s one of the most successful fitness professionals I know.


She sells and markets one package.  


It is a “Corporate Health Management Package” that results in a training/coaching contract designed specifically for globe-trotting corporate executives.  


Her average client pays between $8,000 – 10,000 per year ….and she rarely sees them in person.


Her day is spent primarily on the phone, Skype, email, Trainerize and the Onboard 101 platform as she coaches her clients both online and by phone.  


It’s a lot of coordination but she maintains a CRM system that makes it all work.


That’s not the most interesting part.  What’s so fascinating is HOW she finds clients.


Here’s Her Secret


Janice is a “stalker.”   Listen to this….


Have you ever been to a motivational, self-improvement or success seminar?  Tony Robbins, Dan Kennedy and Brian Tracy are just a few of the big names.


But, there are literally thousands of “success” speakers who are retained to speak to various niche markets —  from banking and real estate to technology and manufacturing.  


And lots of them speak in Chicago to coincide with various trade shows. 


Perfect for Janice!

Here’s What Janice Figured Out


  • Almost every single motivational speaker spends at least 10-15 minutes on the absolute importance of daily exercise and nutrition.
  • At the end of the presentation, Janice introduces herself as a “corporate fitness specialist” to the speaker and trades business cards.
  • Three days later she sends a package to the speaker that includes her resume, experience, references and an offer.
  • The offer includes a commission for any referrals (from the speaker’s client or attendee list) who sign-up for her annual “Corporate Health Management Package.”
  • If possible, she attempts to schedule a lunch or coffee with the speaker in order to get face-to-face with this potential referral source.


Obviously, not every fit pro can do what Janice does.  Nor, would they want to.  The point is to demonstrate a very creative approach to getting new clients.


What About You..?


Are there pockets or niches that make sense for you?


  • Some fit pros have been successful using the Daily Journal as a “fund raiser” for schools and non-profit organizations.
  • We have at least three fitness pros who target their own church groups with “after sermon” classes on lifestyle programming (Onboard 101).  It’s like Sunday School!
  • Jim Kessler is an ex-cop who targets Police and Fire Depts.  He goes to their locations and speaks to his “brothers” on the importance of being fit.  These guys totally “get it.”  In some cases he trains at the Fire Station while others travel up to 40 minutes to train with him personally at his studio.


All of these activities almost always CONVERT into new clients and members.


Could you become a Fitness Stalker?   What market(s)…?

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