From Price Addiction to Premium Paradise


How long have independent trainers, studios, clubs and other fitness businesses been beating each other over the head with PRICING…!!!


I don’t really know. 


But, for at least as long as I’ve been in the fitness business (30 years).


It’s an addiction.


And, it seems that this PRICE POINT ADDICTION is every bit as powerful and debilitating as opioids!


What Just Happened..?


Four years ago, a small fitness studio in Florida, owned by Shane Dannon felt the pressure of price point marketing when Planet Fitness moved into town.  Just 3 blocks from his studio. 


He was stunned.  Anxious.  Worried he’d be out-of-business within months!


Sure, the competition was a totally different business model and different fitness experience, but… it was certainly going to put pressure on him.


Shane called and we talked. 


Now, I don’t charge for consulting with my partner/customers as I just hand out advice…  “as I see it.” 


He thought I was nuts when I suggested he simply raise his prices and then out-maneuver the 900lb gorilla. 


Assess the Competition


Listen, when a big box club – or even a similar studio —  enters your market area, the very first thing you should do, as a marketer, is assess their strengths and weaknesses 


For example, a big box club is going to out-spend you with their advertising tactics every day of the week.  They simply have more money.


They also can withstand any price competition because they will make it up with “volume.”


Or, they are subsidized by a corporate umbrella — or maybe just plain capitalized well enough to sustain the low-price model.


So, take PRICE” off the table right away.  


Simple Assessment 101


There are tons of various “marketing attributes” from which to assess any competitor.  But let me save you loads of time and allow me to boil it all down to its most simplistic form


Most “big box – price point” clubs do the following:

  • Rely on direct mail /social media / local cable TV ads
  • Target “price-conscious” customers
  • Deploy no-contract, price-point strategies
  • Invest in pre-packaged, licensed programming
  • Hire low level admin help
  • Retain entry level trainers


Sure, they look slick with new gear, display monitors and trendy designs, etc.   But, in reality, these businesses are nothing more than “rooms” full of equipment.  


They are the commodity brokers of the fitness industry.  They are Walmart.  Target.  Amazon.  Their model is more about capturing EFT accounts with insane pricing, than actual health and fitness.


They are faceless and impersonal.   


Think about it. 


  • If I mention Planet Fitness… who comes to mind? 
  • Or 24-Hour Fitness… who comes to mind?  
  • Or LA Fitness… who comes to mind? 


Even among their own members, the answer is…




On the other hand, if I were to ask the same question of members and clients who belong to these fitness businesses, the answers would be immediate:


…the list could go on and on.   


There is such a HUGE FUNDAMENTAL DIFFERENCE between a “Walmart” facility and a “boutique studio.”  Nothing surprising here.


  But, the big box “Walmart” facilities have another Achilles Heel. 


They Don’t Go Out in Public!


In the 30 years I’ve been in this business… I’ve never, EVER seen any of the big box brands go out into the public — or create any kind of public outreach programs.  


I’ve never understood it.  Next to wealth building, weight-management is the most popular topic in the world.  And, we’re EXPERTS at it!   


But, the truth is, the big box “Walmart” facilities are “passive” marketers.  


What I Convinced Shane to Do!


If you know me, then, it’s no surprise that I convinced Shane to start public speaking


I simply said this, “Listen, if you’re “David” and you want to out-smart “Goliath” then, you need to do something he will never do.  And, public speaking is it. 


Public Speaking is the Magic Bullet!


I also recommended he purchase the “Weight-Management & Lifestyle Seminar Kit” and put together a structured public outreach “education” program – starting with “Finally, the Truth About Weight-Management.”  


And, I reassured him that once he got his public speaking “sea legs” and felt the confidence that comes along with public speaking, he could take his “show on the road.”


So began an amazing journey for Shane Dannon.  He took the plunge…. and committed himself physically, mentally, emotionally and financially to public speaking.   


He became an excellent public speaker — and, in fact, was invited to speak at all kinds of events… many of which had nothing to do with weight-management or fitness! 

Amazing Results


So, did Shane put Planet Fitness out of business?  Heck no. 


But, he did position himself and his studio as a PREMIUM SERVICE with much higher pricing than in the past. 


And, after just 3 public speaking engagements his little studio was MAXED OUT with one-on-one sessions and his groups were always full!


The Journey Continued


Sometimes, a person’s journey takes some unexpected turns.  Shane became such a good public speaker that he was recruited by a speaker’s bureau as a paid keynote speaker for small business forums and trade shows.


I only mention this because once you learn to public speak… all kinds of doors open up for you.  Opportunities simply present themselves.  It can literally change your life… like MAGIC!



The Accelerated System


  • If you’ve been doubting yourself, and your ability to grow your business… 


  • If you simply don’t possess the copywriting and graphic design skills to create an effective presentation…


  • If you’re already time-crunched and will never be able to dedicate the required focus to create a talk or presentation….


… then, I can help you turn that around almost overnight with my complete, proven Done-For-You System.


Giving a talk/presentation is EXACTLY what I teach you, in detail, with the Weight-Management & Lifestyle Seminar Kit.


—  EVERYTHING you need to promote and deliver a super-professional presentation called: “Finally the TRUTH About Weight-Management.”


And, now for the entire month of July, I’m adding four (4) one-on-one coaching sessions with me (via Skype, Zoom or phone) to help create your own unique talk/presentation. 


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