Where Does Fitness Start?



Whenever I ask this question, the typical responses are:

  • “In the gym.”
  • “With a warm-up!”
  • “As a kid.”


All totally different answers, yet, all valid!


Here’s my answer: “In the brain!”


Yup… that’s my answer – and it’s valid, too!

Follow Me On This…


What is the most meaningless statement to come out of a doctor’s mouth?

“Eat right and exercise.”


That’s right!


Most family practice doctors just don’t go far enough. It’s plain crazy that some “white-coated God” who still thinks the 1950’s Metropolitan Life Insurance height-weight tables are the best way to determine whether or not a person is “normal”… has the nerve to tell his patients to… “eat right and exercise!”

“Yet, millions of Americans hear it every day.”


Seriously, what does “Eat right and Exercise” actually mean?

  • What kinds of foods?
  • How many calories?
  • What kind of calories?
  • How much exercise?
  • What kind of exercise. And why?


See…? This is WHY true health and fitness begins in the brain…. As in EDUCATION!


Most people have a better understanding of how their cars and smart phones operate than how their own bodies actually function. It’s true.



Are You Locked Inside the Box?


Here’s my point. I receive emails from trainers, club owners, fitness marketers and other health professionals — who are all looking to get ahead. They seek new ways to make money, increase cash flow and build a reserve.


Many of them think that the only way to accomplish these goals is to get new members and new clients period. Unfortunately, some of the marketing gurus have led fitness pros to believe this.  IT’S NOT TRUE…!


LISTEN... one of the most powerful, money-making opportunities is staring right at you.  

How Do You See YOURSELF..?


The best way to describe the opportunity is to once again ask a question.


“How do you see yourself?”


Are you locked into the notion that you’re a trainer.. and that’s it?


Or, a club / studio owner… and that’s it?


Or some other kind of “well-defined” health and fitness professional?


When you think about it… these definitions are pretty limited.


And, if you subscribe to the belief that you MUST stay within the “boundaries” of that tight definition… well…  you’ll never reach your full potential as a professional... nor will you reach your financial potential.

Your New Title


Step #1 – Claim your new title:  TEACHER


Here’s the good news. You don’t have to earn a new certification and you don’t have to go to night school. You’re already there.


Think about it. 


How many questions about food, lifestyle, activities and basic human physiology, etc. do you answer in the course of a single day? 


A week.  A month.  A year.  A lot, right?


Did you know that most doctors can NOT answer the same questions you’re asked every day?


Hardly anybody outside of health and fitness can answer those same questions.  So, in the eyes of most consumers ….. YOU ARE AN EXPERT. You are the go-to person when it comes to all things health and fitness related. 



Put it All Together


Here’s Step #2. Most of the questions come at you randomly and from all directions.  And, most of the questions are the same ones over and over again.


So, why not take all those same questions and put them together to help you design a curriculum.


Yes, a classroom course on Health, Fitness and Lifestyle.

And charge for it!


Many of today’s top elite trainers, clubs and spas now have 4-week, 8-week and 12-week educational courses on everything from Fitness 101 to ONBOARD 101. 


The typical class is once or twice a week in the evening.  It can be set up in an empty aerobics room, spin room, in a cleared out corner of the facility or even by the pool! One club owner we know actually worked a trade-out with a corporate client to use their conference room.


Price for these courses range from $99 for a two session workshop to $699 for a 12-week group course including completion certificates and a graduation ceremony.

Idea Starters..

Here are just a few quick ideas to get your brain fired up on the potential income opportunities….

  • A training studio in Long Island, NY, will not allow anyone to workout with the trainers until they’ve completed their 4-week “How My Body Works” course and have a basic understanding.  This makes it better for the client and way better for the trainers.  They simply use the self-guided ONBOARD 101. 


  • Jenny Lemeioux runs Female Warriors BootCamp in PA.  She holds a “How Female Warriors Eat” class at her house every Tuesday evening from 6:30 -8:00 p.m.   They actually make meals together and eat together.   They do this for 5 weeks.  And she charges an extra $200 per person to cover expenses.  It’s packed!  And, she’s expanding her offerings to include grocery store outings:  “How Female Warriors Shop.”


You get the idea…  And, you are probably way more qualified than you realize.




Most are bombarded with B.S. all day via T.V., Radio, email ads, bogus websites, Facebook and social media.


This is a golden opportunity for you, as a TEACHER and COACH to make more money, to better educate your clients AND…. to realize your own full potential!


Just show them where health and fitness actually START!



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