How to Guarantee Weight-Management Success!

guarantee_620_02How many times have you seen this old pitch: “Lose 10 lbs in 2 Weeks!” Or,“Lose 30 lbs in 30 Days!”


Then, of course, there are all the magic pill offers accompanied with bogus before and after pictures and it goes on and on… It’s like the never-ending marketing campaign from HELL!


All of it designed to play off the unrealistic dreams of consumers who, frankly, just don’t know any better. They still hang on to the “magic bullet” if we can put a man on the moon – surely we can develop a weight-loss pill… right?


And, there are plenty of fitness professionals and consultants who continue to engage in quick-fix weight-loss marketing ploys (schemes).


Oh SURE…! It certainly gets people through the doors… and signed-up.

It’s a Big Lie… and You Know It!


BUT, it’s a LIE.


It’s a HOAX.


And, if you engage in promoting the LIE and HOAX… Well, then your long-term CREDIBILITY as a fitness professional goes right out the door.


Perpetuating this LIE and HOAX will instantly transform a well-respected fitness professional into a “snake-oil” salesman overnight!

Integrity Matters


Is it worth it? Is getting just a few more “suckers” to sign-up with you worth jeopardizing your credibility?


Ask yourself this. Would YOU hire a trainer who tried to “hard close” you with a “Lose 20 lbs in 2-weeks!” sales pitch?


In my 35 years in marketing, if I’ve learned just one thing… it is that INTEGRITY MATTERS.


It shows respect. It shows that you’re a professional.


Your sales and marketing efforts can make your business look amazing, or, in the blink of eye, turn it into a joke.


It just takes a moment to kill a reputation… and years to build it back up.


So…. here’s how to approach, market and service the weight-management market with some credibility.





That’s right! Make a Guarantee. Here’s how.

1.) CHANGE THE TERM: First off… STOP using the term “WEIGHT-LOSS.” Even though that’s what your clients think they want, it’s not. Use the term WEIGHT-MANAGEMENT or BODY TRANSFORMATION.  After all isn’t that what it’s all about?


Managing weight is the equivalent to managing and controlling body-compositionmanaging and controlling a stronger immune system, managing hormonal balances and blood sugar levels…. etc.


2.) MAKE THE PROMISE: If you properly educate your clients with handouts and reference materials about how their bodies really work then you can make this claim:

I promise you that at the end of our curriculum (program) you will have the TOOLS and KNOWLEDGE to manage your weight for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.”



3.) GUARANTEE THE PROMISE:  Back up your promise with an absolute “Money Back Guarantee!” If you’ve provided the educational component of a credible program, no one… and I mean no one, will ever challenge you or ask for their money back. In fact, it’s just the reverse. This is where you should be asking your clients for a TESTIMONIAL!


If you have provided them with just the basics found in the Reference Manual… you’ve empowered your clients well beyond anything ever conveyed to them by their doctors, consultants, health providers or any other weight-loss programperiod!


4.) DELIVER ON THE PROMISE: O.K., this is the sticky part. Real, credible weight-management takes more than an empowering education. Yes, it takes actual work and some discipline. There is no getting around this fact. And, this is where many fitness professionals fail.


It takes a MOTIVATED CLIENT to actually do the work and hold themselves accountable. And let’s face it. Most clients may start out motivated but that motivation wains very quickly. They want you to wave the magic wand and somehow make their bodies change. YOU MUST MOTIVATE YOUR CLIENTS.


How to Deliver on Your Promise


Here are a few good examples of client motivation:


Sherry Long, a 43 year-old trainer in Long Island, NY, tells her early morning clients this:


“When your alarm goes off at 5:30 in the morning and you just want to roll over and go back to sleep, I want you to know I’m already here in the studio prepping and setting up the equipment just for you. I will always be here ready to help start your day off feeling like a million bucks!”


And, if they don’t show up… yup… you guessed it.. .she’s on the phone calling them.



Robert Jameson from Knoxville, TN, shows each and every client his “FAT PICTURES.” He was 320 lbs with Type II diabetes before he embarked on a 3-year journey that resulted in his current stats being: weight at 225, body-fat 14% and off all medication. Plus, he earned his NSCA certification and works 24/7 to educate and empower his clients. He tells them straight up, “I’ve walked in your shoes! So, I know YOU CAN DO THIS!”


He also tells his clients that for him, it was 4th down, 80 yards to go with just a minute left on the clock… and he won! And, that he’ll show you the way!



Karen Makris from S. Cal sends an inspirational email EVERYDAY to each of her clients. Sometimes it’s a link to an entire motivational video! Awesome!



That’s just three examples of trainers and club owners I know personally who market themselves with INTEGRITY and DELIVER THE MOTIVATIONAL GOODS!


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