How to Crush the Fat-Loss Competition


Here it comes…. all the fitness contests including Transformation Programs  (which should be based on body composition… right?) are underway in thousands of health clubs, gyms, studios and boot camps throughout the world.


One-Way Ticket to the Winner’s Circle


Listen, if you’re serious about your clients or members winning the contest… here’s the one-way ticket to success.


Yes.  It’s back… the incredible 2X Fat-Loss Accelerator! It’s the absolute “killer” fat-loss combo package that’s successfully used by fat-loss contest winners throughout the world!  (It’s also used by some of the world’s  top endurance athletes… but that’s another story).


Listen, real fat loss is NOT about stimulants and appetite suppressants.  Those are just another road to restricted calorie starvation diets and yo-yo insanity!


Real fat loss is all about lipid transport — allowing fat to breakdown (emulsification) and then travel more freely and efficiently through the blood stream to the muscle tissue where it will be burned for energy.   This all happens during fat metabolism.

Pre and Post Formula:


Both the Lipotropic Plus and Super L-Carnitine are Pre & Post formulas.  

  • Most athletes and fitness enthusiasts take 3-4 Lipotropic Plus Caplets and one (1) tablespoon of Super L-Carnintine about 20 minutes before a cardiovascular workout.. along with plenty of water.  This allows time for the formula to be digested and into the blood stream.  The water helps with the breakdown and uptake.


  • Then, directly after the cardio workout, repeat the same dosage.  Why?  Because the body continues to transport and burn fat for another few hours.  That’s right…. hours!


The Fat-Loss Advantage…

If you and your clients/members are truly serious about shedding some body-fat, then, this is it!


Along with proper nutrition and plenty of rest, 3-4 days of cardio or high-intensity workouts (keeping the heart rate up), the 2X Fat-Loss Accelerator is the all natural, non-stimulant,  “winning edge” that will leverage of the aforementioned activities and maximize the fat-burning potential…!


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