How to Drive Your Fitness BRAND Perception


Are people just dying to give you their money?


I know, it sounds crazy!


Can you even imagine people lined-up to hand you their hard-earned money…  Seriously? 


But, that’s exactly how Jeff Closner explains it.


“It almost feels illegal” he told me the other day. 


“But, whenever I present a live event seminar or an online webinar… I know there will be a line of people ready to throw money at me!”


I asked him WHY he thinks that happens. 


“I guess it’s because of what I have to offer.” he said.


I just laughed.  I don’t mean to be disrespectful.


But, he’s DEAD WRONG. 


I know hundreds of health professionals with the EXACT SAME OFFER!


And, NO ONE is lined-up.  




There are 3 FUNDAMENTAL TRUTHS about marketing…  especially FITNESS MARKETING!  


Please read this slowly and think hard about how it directly affects you.


#1 TRUTH:  In just the U.S. alone, there are literally tens of thousands of health professionals who offer the SAME BASIC SERVICES as YOU.


#2 TRUTH:  Among those same thousands, with the SAME SERVICES, some are generating monthly SIX-FIGURES and others are ALMOST BROKE.


#3 TRUTH: The DIFFERENCE has nothing to do with PRICE… and nothing to do with the level of QUALIFICATIONS… The DIFFERENCE is the actual PRESENTATION or “FRAMING” of the VALUE PROPOSITION  — and how it resonates with the PROSPECTIVE CUSTOMER.


Do you see what I mean?  Does this make sense to you? 


Ultimately, the “variable” between “6-figures” and “broke” is all about “PERCEPTION.”


Let me explain…




In the EYES of prospects the ultimate purchasing decision is not about PRICE or QUALIFICATIONS or LOCATION or any of the hundreds of variables.  These are but mere “considerations.” 


Everything… and I mean EVERYTHING about the ULTIMATE PURCHASING DECISION is based on how a prospect “PERCEIVES” your VALUE.


If you disagree, there’s no reason to read any further. 


If you DO agree, then, let’s “drill down” one step deeper.




There are two (2) answers.


Either YOU drive it… (proactive).


Or, you allow the MARKET PLACE (rumor, social media, word of mouth, reputation, competitors, etc.) to define WHO you are and WHAT your business does (passive).




Driving PERCEPTION is a consistent series of small executions, that, when added up create the PERCEPTION of  YOU and YOUR BUSINESS. 


For example here’s just a small sample – assuming your facility is clean and well-maintained (no amount of marketing can help a dirty, poorly run studio or club):


  • Website – mobile friendly, well designed website with tons of  “usable” content


  • Blog  – Posts up-to-date (by current month)


  • Social Media Posts and Images up-to-date, results oriented, actionable info, group participation


  • Fitness Apps – with YOUR LOGO on whatever apps or software you use with clients


  • Walls, Signage, Murals, Equipment, etc. – with YOUR LOGO


  • Training Shirts – with YOUR LOGO on you and all staff / trainers


  • Pro Shop Accessories: with YOUR LOGO on all apparel, supplements, cookbooks, journals, weight belts, water bottles, shopping bags, decals, stickers and all accessories in your pro shop, etc. (I know this one is self-serving)




All of these elements add-up, cumulatively, to present and project a “picture” of you and your business. 


This “picture” is what influences HOW a prospective client or member PERCEIVES your VALUE.   


Regardless of your skills, experience, knowledge or how many certifications you may have… this PERCEPTION is your prospect’s REALITY.   This PERCEPTION is how you’re being judged.


Do you LOOK like a highly qualified professional? 


Do you APPEAR to be worthy of PREMIUM PRICING..?




Lets say you have all of the above bullets totally dialed in.  Congratulations…. that’s a HUGE marketing accomplishment.


But, for top revenue producing fit pros, all of the bullets listed above are just the beginning! 


To standout in this saturated market, they know much more is required.   They know they need to LEVEL-UP even further!


A marketing-savvy fit pro will elevate and project his or her profile by presenting / positioning himself or herself as the EXPERT AUTHORITY in the market place.




You know where this is going….


Yes… once again, I will mention, tell you, shout-it-out that PUBLIC SPEAKING… whether it’s a:

  • Live event seminar
  • Lunch-and-learn 
  • Webinar  

    …is not only the #1 way to attract a volume of new clients, but also the best way to project your expert authority and leadership in the market place. 


If you study the most successful fit pros and health coaches in our industry, you’ll find them speaking all the time. 


Sometimes it’s for their own clientele at their own facilities.  Other times, it’s at industry trade shows or community health fairs or at corporate wellness programs as guest speakers.


***  To learn more about why Public Speaking is so effective, just CLICK HERE




There’s an old saying among academics who seek tenure:  “Publish or perish!”


Writing is another powerful way to project your EXPERT AUTHORITY.   It can be a:

  • Blog
  • Article
  • Book


Health is an incredibly popular topic. In fact, Weight-management is the second most popular topic in the world (just behind wealth building) so there is already a DEMAND for your EXPERT KNOWLEDGE!


And, when it comes to health, lifestyle and weight-management, there is no shortage of topics.


At the very least, make sure your latest website blog post is up-to-date within the last two months.  


Better yet, write an article for your local media — and position yourself to become the local “go-to” expert for all things “health and fitness” related among local newspapers, radio and television.


I have an upcoming blog post with a “How To” on becoming a source for the media.  Stay tuned!


Finally, if you really want to go BIGwrite a book!  


Don’s book is available on Amazon


Have you noticed how many industry leaders have written books?   


Here’s just a small sample of top fit pros and expert fitness marketing professionals who understand that to become an authority, influencer, expert… authoring a book is key to accomplishing their goals. 


How many do you recognize? 


  • Thomas Plummer
  • Jonathan Goodman
  • Don Roberts
  • Todd Durkin
  • Michael Boyle
  • Eric Cressey
  • Juan Carlos “JC” Santana
  • Dan John
  • Rachel and Alwyn Cosgrove


FYI:  Almost all of these authors also present live events and public speak!




Yes, I know this is a lot of stuff.  And, yes I know you’re already busy…. much less finding the time to go out and public speak and/or write a book!


But, all the top professionals listed above… as well as leaders in all businesses —  somehow find the time to work on their public perception, reputation and expert authority positioning. 


It’s a great example of what it means to: “Work ON your business… not IN your business!”



If you find the time and take these actions… I can absolutely guarantee people will SEE so much VALUE…. they will literally line-up to give you their money!


It’s really that simple.




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This email to John Simpson took less than one minute to produce and send.  And, the positive feedback from him and other fitness partners has been amazing.  Everyone loves it!  





These services have been around for a while.  But they were expensive and hard to use.  But, not any more.  Today, they are super simple and most of them offer a FREE VERSION… that might work just fine for you.   And…. they work on your mobile devices, too!


  • Imagine the new client or even a prospect who receives a personal  “Thank You” video email from you.  Sets you apart from your competitors. 


  • Imagine sending a personal Congratulations Video to your small group participants after a session.  You can send to groups! 


  • How about birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, etc.  The possibilities are endless.  


The one I use right now is called: Bonjoro. But, there are others.   Click on the image below to learn more about this very cool tool and get a FREE TRIAL. 


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