How to Identify The Gold Under Your Nose



Question: What do almost all health and fitness marketing gurus and consultants have in common?


Answer: They almost always focus on how to get NEW CLIENTS and/or NEW MEMBERS!


I could go through the list of names… the info products… mastermind meetings…. and you’d recognize the common thread…  GET MORE CLIENTS!  GET MORE MEMBERS.


Hey…!  I’m all for getting more clients and members.  New business is the life blood.. right?


But why does “new business” have to be defined as “new clients” or “new members?”


Let’s take a contrary view point.  Why not create, market and sell a “NEW BUSINESS” to EXISTING MEMBERS..?


Yes… a new product or service to members who already know you – who already trust you… who already feel comfortable paying you for your services!  Here’s why….

Your Current Base is a GOLD MINE!

Think about this.  Your clients and members are coming to your facility 3, 4 maybe even 7 days a week. Talk about a “captured audience!



Very few businesses have this visitor frequency.  Not the grocery store.  Not the gas station. Certainly not the retail malls.


Plus, the cost to acquire a new member or client is about 10X the cost of putting an existing client or member into a new product or service.


So…are you leveraging this competitive advantage? If you’re like most fitness business owners the answer is “no.” That may be due to the “holy grail” focus on NEW CLIENTS / MEMBERS.


How Marketing Savvy Health & Fitness Pros Mine the Gold


On the other hand, maybe you are a Next Generation Fitness Pro who knows how to mine the gold.   Here’s how branded marketing fitness professionals do it.  Perhaps this is one of your stories…


  • I’ll never forget the phone call I received from Vinnie Piccuci, an independent club owner in NJ, when he calculated that in the first month he took in an extra $800 net profit from a used vending machine he bought, refurbished and installed in his club.  That’s $9,600 net profit a year.


  • There are hundreds of success stories among clubs and studios that market and sell their own brand of nutritional supplements.  For the most part, it’s 100% mark-up and credible health professionals and trainers have absolutely no problem selling a quality product — especially when it’s an super-premium formula and price-protected by the very nature of brand exclusivity.


  • Classroom style weight-management programs have always been huge money-makers that just keep on giving.  Current clients and members will pay from $99 to $399 for a comprehensive 12-week course that teaches them how their bodies actually work.  Typically scheduled on a mid-week evening (7:30 – 9:00 p.m.) these courses allow members and clients to attend in street clothes.  And, of course, these programs always increase personal training and pro shop businesses, as well.


  • Value-proposition programs like Fitness Cruises, Bike Trips, Adventure Hikes, Beach Parties and Ski Trips also generate cash.  Yes, it takes some organization and logistics… but if you run a successful club.. you’re already an “organizational guru!”


  • Recently, a club decided to increase its fees and used the ONBOARD-101 as a membership enhancement to justify the fees.


  • Last, but not least, is your pro shop.  If you don’t have one… GET ONE! It doesn’t need to be fancy.  You can easily purchase used racks or display cases for very little cash – or even build shelves with PVC pipe and plywood (Home Depot or Lowes has lots of ideas).  You can set it up in less than 100 sq. feet. Then spend just a little to capitalize it with apparel, bars, supplements, water bottles, etc.


  • And, don’t forget the eCommerce opportunities like THIS….

It’s Waiting For YOU…


Listen… your clients and members are coming to your facility all the time.  They are ready to purchase from youREALLY!


But they can’t give you money if YOU don’t give them the OPPORTUNITY….


Not selling to existing clients and members is like having the “mother lode” right under your feet —  but you don’t have a shovel!



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