2 Red Flags of Faulty Protocol



Most people hate being duped!  Don’t you?


So, when consumers choose a program to help them lose weight (there are hundreds of options) there should be two red flags that help them with the decision-making process.


Just these two red flags should weed out more than 90% of the available programs.


Red Flag #1:

What is the measurement for progress?


If the measurement used to gauge progress is “pounds-on-scale” or “BMI” or anything other than “body-composition” (lean mass vs. body-fat), then, run away from this program right away.


Just this red flag alone would eliminate almost all commercial weight-loss programs including the big guys such as Weight Watchers, NutriSystem and Jenny Craig.


Here’s the video that explains why:

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Red Flag #2:

Are you required to purchase pre-packaged food?


This is where your client or member must understand the true nature and focus of the company and program they’re entrusting.


Most commercial weight-loss companies are primarily engaged in the pre-packaged food business. Actual weight-loss “programming” and “education” is just a give-a-way in order to get the client signed-up for a FOOD PURCHASE program. That’s why they practically give away the program for such a cheap price-point.


You’ll notice that at the end of every ad the commercial weight loss companies throw out a disclaimer: “Price does not include food.”



Once again, this is why fitness professional and health coaches are the most qualified to help people manage their weight.  No games.  No false metrics.  Just pure physiology. 


And, a bonus, too! 


The same protocol that true professionals use for weight-management just happens to improve their clients’ OVERALL HEALTH!




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