How to Build Coaching Partnerships


Recently, I’ve been writing about partnerships.  Namely, the medical community (a gold mine)!


Hooking up with schools is another great partnering opportunity:

  • Elementary Schools
  • Middle Schools
  • High Schools 
  • College Athletic Departments


That’s right — partnering with coaches.


Over the years, many top trainers have shared their “coaching” experiences with me.  And when it’s all boiled down there seems to be a common track.


Become a Volunteer

  • It typically starts with a trainer who serves as a volunteer “assistant coach” with high school or local community college football, baseball, basketball, swimming, track and/or other teams.


  • Usually the coach allows the volunteer (trainer) to help out in the weight room with spotting, racking and generally supporting the coach’s program.


  • At some point, RELATIONSHIPS based on trust and skills are developed between the volunteer (trainer) and the athletes as well as the coach.


  • Once that trust is developed and the volunteer (trainer) has proven that he/she can “walk-the-walk” the coach allows the volunteer (trainer) to become much more engaged in the training and conditioning process.  Everything from designing workouts, improving technique and nutritional guidance.


Now the Fun Begins…



As the relationship with athletes and coaches develop, so does word-of-mouth among the athletes, athletes’ parents, other coaches, faculty, etc.


  • Eventually, the parents of athletes (especially the Dads) seem to be the first ones to retain the trainer at his/her own studio or club based on the recommendation, “Yah, Dad, this trainer is really cool!”


  • Over time, the trainer’s reputation grows.  And, every single year a whole new class of athletes enters the system.


How About You..?


Should you run out to your local high school or local community college and volunteer to be a coach? 


Only if you have a passion for it.


The real point of this post is to clarify that the most successful trainers are good at building RELATIONSHIPS with niche groups who can benefit from their services.


So far we’ve discussed two: the medical community and coaches.


Some of our fit pro customers have become fitness super-heroes in their communities by volunteering… by working with niche groups… by offering educational workshops.. by leveraging their brands…!


There’s more….