Six months ago, Rodney Sullivan complained he was always playing “defense” with his personal training clients.


For example:

  • If a client was late he would extend beyond the scheduled session time.


  • If a client didn’t show up, he didn’t charge for the time.


There are many more examples but you get the idea.


He treated his clients with “kid gloves.”   As a result, he allowed his clients to dictate the rules


He allowed them to control the relationship.  To gain the upper hand. 


Is it any wonder that Rodney’s reputation was that he did not get “results” for his clients?




Yes, clients have expectations when they retain a trainer or join a club. 


But what about YOUR EXPECTATIONS of the client or member? 


When you think about it your expectations and the client’s expectations are directly related. 


Your client wants results (usually a change in body comp).   And, you know that to get those results, your expectations must be met, ie. do the work and to eat right.




I know I’ve asked this questions many times, but do you sit down and conduct an honest conversation with your clients? 


Do you actually ask your clients what their expectations are of your services? 


Do you actually speak to them about your expectations of them?


I asked Rodney to take a look at the “My Pledge” sheet in the Daily Journal.  Click Here for .pdf



He modified it to fit his own specific requirements and now hands it out to every single client.  And, yes, they both sign the pledge.


It’s the Little Things…


It truly is a simple thing but the rewards are HUGE.  Getting everything out on the table before hand is to the  benefit of everybody involved.


In Rodney’s case, his clients are now happier, getting better results and, of course, are on time!

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