How to Turn Crisis into Opportunity



One of the biggest opportunities in the industry is curriculum-based Health Education.  You’re either “into it” or you’re not It’s that simple.


The Dumbing Down of Fitness


After 30 years in this business one of the most significant changes I’ve witnessed is the “dumbing down” of the public in regard to their own health and well-being.


Most of us thought that with the internet, people would finally be able to discover the truth about things like:

  • Restricted calorie dieting
  • Body weight vs. body fat
  • Bogus pills, shakes and stupid protocol for weight loss


Instead, it Got Worse..


Of course, now, we all know that the internet became a blank canvas for internet marketers who know nothing about fitness.  But they know how to sell…! 


And these marketers truly turned the internet into trash can of misinformation. As a result, the public has become even more confused about what it means to “Eat Right and Exercise.”


Like, how many calories?  What ratios of carbs, protein and fat?  What kind of exercise is right for me? 


And, part of the problem is that they truly don’t have any idea of how their bodies actually function (basic human physiology).


The truth is, most people know more about how their mobile devices operate than how their own bodies function.


Biggest Loser… The Public!


Just to add salt to the wound… enter the most ridiculous TV show on the planet — adding even more misinformation to the landscape.


The worst part is that this show, as well as others, is now creating false EXPECTATIONS among consumers.  And those EXPECTATIONS are aimed at YOU as a fitness professional.  Seriously… it makes me sick!


What a Recipe..!


So, today, we literally have millions of people who don’t understand even the basics of human physiology — running around with crazy expectations almost force-fed to them via:


  • Infomercials
  • Reality shows 
  • What they’ve read on the internet


And the results?


Obesity is at an all-time high.  So is heart disease, cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes.. shall I go on…?

Crisis is Opportunity…


Two years ago, based on a series of events, it became obvious to me that consumers are actually STARVING for the TRUTH and WILLING TO PAY someone who can sort FACT from FICTION.


They’ve already failed on numerous diet programs


They are beginning to wise-up to the old “pills and shakes” routine.  Their own doctors are typically de-conditioned and don’t provide any real answers or protocol. 



And, You Already Know All This Stuff…


Here’s the thing.  I know that you already know all of this stuff. 


You know more than most doctors when it comes to human physiology as it relates to changing body composition


You know more about increasing metabolism through physical stress and nutrition than most dietitians and doctors.


If there’s one thing I’ve discovered over the years… it’s the incredible amount of knowledge and integrity within the career fitness professional community. 




As an industry, however, we don’t COMMUNICATE this knowledge in a cohesive, educational format — or, in a way that the average consumer can EASILY UNDERSTAND.


And, that’s why I developed both the MAP SYSTEM and Onboard-101, as “client-interactive” applications. 


Both are designed to be in the hands of client and to allow him or her to self-educate or progress with a minimum of YOUR TIME and/or guidance.  


I hope you’ll try them both out.   Fitness Education is NOT for everyone.  But as the fitness industry evolves, providing your clients and/or members with the right tools and resources to manage their own health may well be the difference between YOU and your competitors.




Here are a few examples of how one or both of these web-based applications are currently being implemented and generating new revenue:


  • Value-Added Membership (good, better, best packages including Onboard-101,  Training, Nutrition, etc.)



  • Personal Training Packages – (Onboard-101 and/or MAP SYSTEM) as tools and resources


  • Group ProgramsGood, Better, Best



  • Mobile Programs (Corp. Schools, Church, Organizations)


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