How to Automate Hot Leads


Perhaps I spend way too much time thinking about things — like, well…  FORMS.


A form is a form, right?


I guess it’s because I’m amazed at how many FORMS health and fitness professionals are burdened with.


So, when we developed the Digital Welcome Kit, we decided to turn FORMS into an opportunity!


And, you can do the exact same thing if you have access to a custom form builder like Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, Formidable, etc.


Here’s a 2-minute Video that demonstrates the advantages of FORMS on our Digital Welcome Kits.



How Many Forms..?


Let’s start with just this example.


If you’re a 1:1 trainer, for each and every client, you complete an INTAKE FORM.


And, maybe a wellness FORM.  Or, a nutritional habits type FORM.


And, then, with clipboard in hand, you complete FORMS to track their progress.  Unless you require they use the Journal! (plug)


A FORM for this and a FORM for that…


Don’t get me wrong.  I totally understand the need for FORMS.


The issue is WHO is completing the FORM.


And, how much of a TIME SUCK is it?


How do we remedy this?


Turning Lemons into Lemonade


What if we could turn FORMS into a sales and marketing ADVANTAGE? 


Check out the powerful forms we provide on the Digital Welcome Kit.  They provide several advantages.


First off… they save you a ton of time.  These forms can be completed anywhere on any device by your clients and prospects… instead of you. 


Over time that’s hundreds if not thousands of hours…


Next, once the form is completed and the prospect clicks on SUBMIT, the information is immediately formatted and converted to a .pdf file… 


And, then the website automatically sends the completed form to both you and your client or prospects — where you both can download and print for your own safe keeping.


And, finally, here’s a powerful secret known by all the top internet marketers…  When a website visitor voluntarily completes an informational form, they are automatically considered a “hot lead.”  


So, if a prospect takes the time to complete one of these forms… they’ve literally pre-qualified themselves as being interested in you and your services. 


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