The Best Lines…!


By now, you know how much I preach about going out and presenting the TRUTH about Weight-Management and Lifestyle.


But, I also know that it’s time consuming and requires a lot of creativity, effort and discipline to pull it off.


So, I want to share with you some of the best lines I’ve ever heard from fitness professionals just like you… who have been out presenting the TRUTH about Weight-Management and Lifestyle — using our Powerpoint Slideshow.  


Some of these lines will certainly be out of context, but where I can I’ll place them with the slide they were on when they made these statements.  Some of them are just “killer!”


At an opening, Stacy Lynch, shared this line with her audience….

  • “I’m here tonight because of Kevin Trudeau, Suzanne Somers, Marie Osmond, Dan Marino, Jennifer Hudson, Chirstie Alley and all the other celebrities who think it’s O.K. to fudge the truth!”


Opening remarks:

  • “I know you’ve all been sitting for a while waiting for this presentation to begin.  So, let’s all stand-up and take some deep breaths.  Stretch.  Now, while were doing all of this, I want  you all to turn to your right and look at that person.  Now, look forward and look at that person.  Now turn to your left do the same.  And now take a peak at the person behind you.  Let me ask you a simple question.  Did each person you just viewed look exactly the same?  I bring this up because tonight we’re going to emphasize the concept of INDIVIDUALITY…. and why, cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all programs never work.”


  • Raise your hand if you’ve ever participated in commercial weight-loss program.  O.K., now, only raise your hand if you’re participated in more than one weight-loss program.  Hmmm… seems like the same number of hands.  Well, ladies and gentleman, rest assured.  This is the very LAST program you’ll ever need to know about.  And, over the next 45-minutes, I am going to explain exactly why.


Opening remarks at a Sunday Church Group Weight-Management Seminar:

  • “When you watch those ads on TV or read those ads in the magazines or open those websites on your computer… those are words of the DEVIL.  Right here, my friends, right here in my hands is the truth (holding the Reference Manual).   This is the Bible on how to manage your weight, health and lifestyle forever!”



  • How come when you diet, you end up craving sugars and fats…?  Why not broccoli and carrots?  See… isn’t the body smart..?  It sends messages to your brain to crave sugars and fat because it KNOWS it needs quick energy… like right now.  And, it knows it can get it through sugars and fats!


“The Big Myth”

  •  “Don’t you just love the way the body has learned to ignore simple math?  What all the commercial weight-loss companies somehow forget to tell you is… the body ADAPTS!  So, when you begin to restrict calories, it simply slows down your metabolism so you don’t require as much.  And this goes on and on as the body continually adapts to your behavior.   The simple math used by commercial weight-loss companies never works.  It never did work and it never will work.”


  • “The good news is that the body also adapts to good behavior.  Through productive exercise and proper nutrition, your body will absolutely reward you in multiple ways….”


During the “Conventional Diets Slide”

  • “First off… you need to understand that the major commercial weight-loss companies are happy to give away their meetings and consultations.  That’s because their entire business model is based on selling you their pre-packaged foods.  You know.. the auto ship program that taps your credit card for a few hundred bucks every month.”


  • “Holy cow… have you ever read the ingredients label on some of these pre-packaged foods..?  It’s a Chemical Crap-Fest!


During Q&A session:

  • Attendee: “My doctor told me not to bother to count calories and to just eat in moderation.”


  • Presenter: “Well, after 20 years of nutritional counseling, here’s what I can say about the “I don’t count calories” crowd. They are the same people who do not reconcile their checkbooks and don’t have clue about their bank balances — and, then, they complain that they’re broke.   —  And, by the way, what kind of shape is your doctor in?”

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