How to Increase Your Sales



When it comes to offering weight-management services… thousands of clubs, studios and trainers make 2 HUGE MISTAKES:


They only offer:

  • one (1) program 
  • one (1) price 


That’s the equivalent to going to a tire store only to find they only carry one type tire in one size for one price.  How many tires do you think they sell?


Be creative.  You should offer no less than 3 different price points (good – better – best).


Here are some ideas:



Here’s a free brochure with 5 concepts to get some additional ideas flowing.  You can add your own pricing to it.  It’s a free download.  CLICK HERE…



Here’s the next big mistake.


Market beyond a 3-mile radius around your facility


We’ve done the research.  Here’s what we know to be true. 


Consumers will travel up to 45-minutes to 1 hour to get what they want. 


This means fitness professionals should target their presentations, seminars and speaking engagements — not with a 3-mile radius — but 60 minutes from their facilities.


Cast a wide net!

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