How to Level-Up Your Fitness Business



If you’re like most Fit Pros and Health Coaches operating a business… you know you need to level-up and hit some bigger numbers.




So… I’m asking you to THINK about THIS again.


MARKETING is a conveyor belt. 


The sales and marketing strategies you think about and plan today typically come off the conveyor belt 8 to 12 weeks later. 


So, seriously, have you asked yourself this:


“How am I going to make my business grow STARTING RIGHT NOW?”  


It certainly won’t happen with these tactics:

  • Doing the same old things I did before
  • Offering the same products and services
  • Implementing the same old “no results” sales and marketing schemes as everyone else…


Why not make 2020 your BREAK OUT YEAR..?


Listen…. today’s super-successful fitness marketers… totally recognize one thing about SERVICE-BASED businesses.  


They must continually OFFER MORE! 








It’s all about MORE of EVERYTHING



So what kinds of things can you do RIGHT NOW to get more..?


Well… the first thing is to start planning.


And, within your planning process…. the first thing to review, if you are a club or studio are your membership packages:

  • Daily Rates
  • Monthly Rates
  • Annual Rates
  • Corporate
  • Family Plans
  • Special Offers & Promotions
  • Packages – good-better-best
  • Contests
  • Partnerships


This is just the obvious… but we all need to start somewhere. 


Sometimes, the best planning STARTS with determining how much money or gross sales you want to generate for the year… and then working backwards. 


So, it starts with taking a hard look at your services and prices.


If you are a personal trainer, health coach, chiropractor, physical therapist or other personalized services provider, then, you, too should consider similar options. 


Start with your training or service packages:

  • Pricing / hourly
  • Bundles / packages
  • Length of Time / 30-min / 60-min / 90-min
  • Upsells / good-better-best
  • Groups / One-on-one
  • Annual Packages
  • Studio Memberships



First, I’ll start with our own self-serving applications….


  • Our ONBOARD 101 is one of the most sophisticated online, self-guided health education courses available.  Hundreds of ONBOARD 101 fit pros and health coaches are generating cash flow and new leads by making the course a part of their programming and packages.


  • The eCommerce Dropship program is designed to provide 100% totally automated passive income under your own brand.  A hands-off, no time, no inventory, no capitalization profit stream… under your own label.  This past year, I’ve sent out thousands of dollars of commissions.  This year it will double… or triple.   





  • How about your online store?  Have you asked your webmaster about hooking up an online store to your website?  For starters…. check this incredible online apparel store that integrates seamlessly with most websites. It’s called: 


  • You also could sell:
    • supplements
    • balls
    • bands
    • gloves
    • your own membership workouts
    • journals
    • recipe books
    • skincare products, etc.  


  • What about becoming an affiliate partner with a home fitness accessories provider (balls, bands, gloves, etc)?  You should investigate that opportunity to see if it might increase sales revenue.  It all adds up over time.


  • What about online training?  With Zoom, Skype or Facetime… you can consult anyone, anywhere in the world?  Have you started thinking about this, yet?


So, simple start with your pricing.  There’s plenty more but here’s the point.  You have to start somewhere. 


So, why not do it today?


Find a quiet moment somewhere in your day and write IT down

Write down exactly how much money or gross sales revenue you PLAN to generate in this year….  YOUR BREAKOUT YEAR!


Start with the number: $______

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