New School Fitness Marketing



The new school of Fitness Marketing is all about Brand Interaction.  But just what the heck is it?


Think of it this way…


  • Every time you drive your car, you are interacting with the brand. (Toyota, Chevy, Ford, Nissan, etc.).


  • Every time you lace up your training shoes, you are interacting with the brand (Nike, New Balance, Asics, etc.


  • Heck, every time you put on your favorite deodorant, you’re interacting with the brand.


It’s easy to create a pretty long list of “hard goods” where we interact with the brand every day. 


Even our products,  TRANSFORMATION JOURNALS and SUPPLEMENTS allow your clients to interact with YOUR BRAND.


But Services are Different


When we switch to professional services, however, brand interaction is a little more difficult.


For example, how often do you interact with your doctor?  How often do you interact with a lawyer or accountant — or any other professional service?


So that brings us to YOU.  How often to do your clients interact with your brand?

99% of Fitness Businesses Offer No Brand Interaction Outside Their Facilities

If you are like 99% of all fitness professionals, clubs and studios… then, the answer is:  Whenever they are at your facility.  And, that’s it.


Listen.  I get it.  This is very sophisticated “long ball” strategic thinking in an industry that is totally “sales driven.”


But, heed this advice. 


In today’s noisy world that bombards people with millions of messages via mobile, radio, TV, web, etc.. all competing for your client’s attention —  actual BRAND INTERACTION is what will separate you and YOUR BUSINESS from the pack.  



Our Fitness Partners Go Places..!


Fitness professionals using the DIGITAL WELCOME KIT and/or ONBOARD 101 platforms have their clients interacting with THEIR BRANDS several times a day.

  • At work
  • At home
  • At school
  • Wherever they happen to be with their mobile devices


And, They Share Your Brand


And, if they happen to SHARE their interactions with their friends, family and co-workers… then your BRAND reaps the referrals.


Here’s a note from an ONBOARD 101 studio owner:




It puts your BRAND and BUSINESS into places you could never reach on your own.  


It projects your BRAND and BUSINESS in places you’ve never even considered.

More to Come…


I realize this post sounds like I’m just pumping our products. 


Well, yes, that’s true.  I’m really proud of what we offer to our Fitness Partners. 


But more importantly, I’m totally invested in keeping our marketing group up-to-date on marketing tactics and strategies.  Especially if you are a fitness career professional in it for the long haul.


So, there’s more to come on this subject as it evolves.  I will outline several other ways to get your BRAND and BUSINESS interacting with your local market area …and beyond..!

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