$30 Billion and Growing…


The research is clear.


Based on primary marketing research studies as well as secondary studies from other marketing research organizations – there is a huge chasm between “consumer demand” and “service offerings” within our industry.


For 30 years the fitness industry has been slow to recognize, much less leverage, the opportunities associated with HEALTH EDUCATION as it relates to weight-management


This is astonishing considering the following:




  • The #1 reason men and women join a club or hire a trainer is to “lose weight.” (All studies agree on this point – regardless of how the question is asked, people want to “change” their bodies… and that almost always means a DECREASE in body size, body weight, body fat, etc.)


  • The fitness industry offers the only viable protocol for successful, long-term weight-management (proper nutrition, productive exercise and positive motivation). The industry is in general consensus regarding physiological principles.


  • All other quick-fix, restricted calorie programs, pills and other “magic theories” offered by commercial weight-loss centers are not based on basic human physiology and are, therefore, faulty in design and inevitably fail.


In Summary:TapeMeasure


  • There is overwhelming consumer demand for weight-management in the fitness environment.


  • Fitness professionals are, by far, the most qualified to help consumers attain long-term, weight-management goals and subsequent lifestyle through proper nutrition, productive exercise and positive motivation.


  • Despite the obvious match of consumer demand and service offerings, the fitness industry has failed to “connect” with consumers and capitalize on the potential revenue. It is a $30 billion disconnect. It begs the question, why?


Industry Culture:


  • With the exception of 3 or 4 major players, the fitness industry is deeply fragmented — from multi-purpose clubs to boutique HITT circuit training studios to day spas to private training studios to mobile fitness, online fitness training, etc.   It is still a “mom and pop” industry. As a result, the fitness industry sends thousands of mixed messages to the general public. There is no cohesiveness of message.


  • The fitness industry is a low-margin “sales-driven” industry focused on selling memberships. It is not a “marketing-driven” business focused on developing brand or defining its purpose.


  • Most fitness professionals view weight-management as an added service, not a core business despite obvious consumer demand revealed in marketing research.


  • Fitness industry trade associations and trade publications and social media spaces dedicate less than 1% of editorial space addressing weight-management operations and/or opportunities.


  • Fitness professionals overwhelmingly believe any type of nutritional guidance is outside their “scope of practice.”  It is not.




  • Health Coaches, Wellness Consultants, Trainers, Studios, Clubs and other health professionals who view, sell and promote weight-management as a core business will be able to effectively differentiate themselves from the competition.


  • Health Coaches, Wellness Consultants, Trainers, Studios, Clubs and other health professionals promoting weight-management gain a strategic advantage through “outreach” communications activities including advertising, public relations, seminars, etc. as it is a “topic of interest” to the mainstream public.


Here’s a good place to start…


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