What About YOUR Journey..?


I love this time of year.


Don’t you?


It’s like a giant “reset button” for millions of people.  But, I’m not talking about simple New Year’s Resolutions.  




I’m referring to something different.


It’s a “reset button” for BUSINESS OWNERS like YOU.   From solo-preneurs to multi-facility owners.


If you’re an OWNER, you know it’s a “fluid process.”


And, just as health and lifestyle is a “journey” for your clients…  running a SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS is a “JOURNEY” — for YOU!




So, THAT’S the question.


How is YOUR journey going?


Does it feel messy and disorganized?


Are you feeling anxious and uncertain?


Trouble sleeping…. and daytime stress levels at an all-time high?


If this sounds anything like you, well….


CONGRATULATIONS…!    YOUR JOURNEY is moving forward.




Maybe some of the sleaze-bag marketing gurus will tell you how easy it is grow your business.  Especially if you buy their “programs.” 


But, the truth is...


Growing a business is MESSY.


It’s UNCOMFORTABLE.   It’s full of POT HOLES and unforeseen OBSTACLES that will make you ANXIOUS and CRAZY!


Pushing your business to a new level is like jumping into the ABYSS with NO SAFTY NET.


Just think about it…


  • How scary is it to open a second location?


  • How anxious do you become just before your first public speaking presentation?


  • How stressful is it to go “ALL-IN” building out an ONLINE TRAINING and/or eCOMMERCE WEBSITE… with no technical expertise?


If you’re like most health professionals… this stuff is WAY OUTSIDE your comfort zone.




But, that’s the point.


GROWING a business takes GUTS.  An INNER STRENGTH to EMBRACE the UNKNOWN and live OUTSIDE your comfort zone.


This is the stuff SUCCESSFUL BUSINESSES are made of.


Eventually, after the GROWTH SPURT, life calms down and you acclimate to the newer, bigger and better —> YOU!


At least for a little while.


But, eventually, you realize, it’s time to grow again…


And, the PROCESS begins anew —  only this time with more CONFIDENCE!


ASK ‘EM..!


Here’s another TRUTH:


Ask any successful business owner and you’ll hear the same thing:


“Successful growth is a series of triumphs and failures.”


Let these words sink in… triumphs and FAILURES!


Yes, successful growth is surrounded by failure.


FAILURE is the other “F” word that causes so much anxiety.  And, it’s the fear-of-failure that cripples so many.


But, once you FAIL... and realize the world did NOT end…. you didn’t actually die…


That, you, in fact, LEARNED from the experience….


You’ll pick yourself right back up, recover and when the time or idea is right…


You’ll will go at it AGAIN with 2X the energy and commitment.


That’s what successful entrepreneurs do!




After being in this business for over 30 years, I’ve witnessed this pattern over and over.


I personally know hundreds of “real deal” success stories.


And, even right now, I’m in the midst of helping several HARD-DRIVING ENTREPRENEURS to pursue their DREAMS.


Yup… they are way outside their comfort zones.


Scared to death!   Stressed… anxious… feeling disorganized and sloppy…. 


I’m coaching two health professionals on how to present “The Truth About Weight-Management” at their own studios — as well as companies, churches, schools, business groups, networking events, etc.


I’m helping several fit pros EXPAND their training businesses to include online lead and revenue generating opportunities… with the DWK and eComm websites


After losing money in 2018…. and ready to call it quits, Susie McCloud had one last BIG IDEA.   She became an online “webinar queen.” Her offerings were 3 different “Life Coaching Packages” all of which included Onboard-101.


Then just last year (2019), she added an extra $112K of pure net profit to her successful coaching business via Onboard-101.


As I write this, Steve Nunno (with my help) just launched two (2) complete online fitness courses for his niche audience. With tons of downloads, videos, links, payment gateways and other technical integrations


I’m pretty sure he feels like he just jumped off a cliff!


Michele Sodon continues to grow her unique fitness business model, “Fit Photage”  that includes a Location Photoshoot. 


Her dream is to “license” this unique, high-ticket approach for other fitness business owners.  It’s not as easy as she makes it look.   My team built her website and I continue to work with her toward her DREAM…




So, does YOUR JOURNEY sound or feel anything like these entrepreneurs?


If so, then, great!


Keep that adrenaline flowing – and, don’t worry, it will subside when you reach your “mountain top.”


On the other hand, if you’re a business owner and simply going-with-the-flow and doing what everybody else is doing… well, why not CHALLENGE YOURSELF?


I can assure you of this:


The health and fitness space is way too competitive to allow complacency.  


You must continue to EVOLVE and GROW.


So, I hope you embrace those nasty, ugly, stressful, anxious, out-of-your-comfort-zone, FEELINGS. 


Those are the indicators…. the gauge… the internal messages….



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