Two weeks ago, after realizing how this virus was going to impact our industry, I was compelled to give back to the community. 


So, I opened up ONBOARD-101 for FREE.

No strings attached. No credit card requirement. No obligations. Just sign-up and send your logo!

As a comprehensive, “ONLINE” INTERACTIVE TOOL, it’s a perfect “SOLUTION” for clubs, studios, trainers and coaches who need an “ONLINE” ACTION PLAN… like RIGHT NOW!!!

Over the past 12 days exactly 437 health professionals have signed-up for ONBOARD-101. (It’s super-quick and way easier than Zoom!!)

Allow me to share how some fit pros and coaches are using it right now to:

  • Attract New Paid Clients
  • Upsell Existing Clients
  • Generate a Ton of New Leads and Referrals


“Online” Fitness Superheroes

#1 Tara Winfield (one of the early birds) reached out to her CHURCH and offered ONBOARD-101 as a FREE COURSE to anyone who was interested in learning how to boost their immune system. At this point, she has gained over 20 NEW ONLINE CLIENTS… You can read her story here.

#2 Sean Quinn (another early bird) reached out to his daughter’s school board / PTA and offered ONBOARD-101 as a way to keep the kids learning while at home.


  • He also reached out to his local Chamber of Commerce and offered ONBOARD-101 to any company that wanted it as a “value-add” for their employees during the shutdown.


  • Then, he added it to his online workout packages to enhance all of his ONLINE OFFERINGS. As of today, April 2nd, Sean has 568 people enrolled into his ONBOARD-101 Course. That’s amazing! You can read his story here.

#3 Wendy Wallace simply sent out a series of emails to her active and inactive clients using our pre-written materials. In each email she provided explicit instructions on how to SELF-ENROLL into her ONBOARD-101 course.


  • It’s been an amazing success with over 90 people enrolled so far.


  • Many converted from inactive to “ACTIVE” and joined her paid programs. You can read her story here.

#4 Dan McIntyre offers one-on-one fitness coaching via ZOOM (no groups). His upsells include:

  • Individualized Nutrition Programs
  • 1:1 Life Coaching Motivation Programs
  • Body Building Posing Programs

  • He just added ONBOARD-101 as a PRE-REQUISITE for all of his programs. It is MANDATORY. And, he increased his pricing by $50 across the board. His comment to me was, “It couldn’t have been simpler!”

The pre-requisite tactic is really popular among premium one-on-one trainers and coaches like Todd Elliott, Mark Spencer and Shannon DiCarlo.

If you haven’t already signed up for ONBOARD-101 I hope you’ll consider it. There are no strings attached. No obligation. No credit card requirement. It is 100% FREE through April 30th and it’s 100% automated.

If you are a “take-action” professional and want to turn lemons into lemonade — and achieve results like Tara, Sean, Wendy, Dan and hundreds of other health professionals, then, here are the steps:

The first thing to do after sign-up is spend just 25 minutes viewing the 4-minute TUTORIALS : —> CLICK or TAP HERE

Next, REACH OUT to your active clients, inactive clients and, yes, your ENTIRE COMMUNITY with these PRE-WRITTEN MATERIALS including:

  • PARENTAL WAIVERS (for minors)
  • To grab them right now, just: —> CLICK or TAP HERE

I promise you, if you take these steps in addition to whatever you’re doing right now… it will be like stomping on the gas pedal.

People at home NEED and WANT this type of ONLINE INTERACTION.

ONBOARD-101 will enhance your workout programs. It will enhance your nutrition programs. It will definitely ADD VALUE to YOU… your BUSINESS…. and your CLIENT / MEMBER RELATIONSHIPS.

And, likely INCREASE your paid online program enrollments —> CLICK or TAP HERE

Stay safe…!

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